When I hired my first coach in 1998, hardly anyone I knew what that was.

It was a relatively new phenomenon in The Netherlands back then.

By the time I started my own (coaching) business 5 years later, it was rapidly becoming an overcrowded market.

Where at first I had to explain what coaching was, I now had to find ways to make people understand why they should hire me instead of someone else.


That made me feel insecure about competition at times for sure!

And I often wondered how I could set myself apart to make it easier for my ideal clients to find me.

I no longer worry or wonder about that.


Because I truly believe there’s enough room for everyone to build and grow a business.


As long as you set yourself and your business apart, so your potential clients immediately understand why they should hire YOU instead of someone else.

And no, that’s not difficult.

In fact, it’s very easy!


When you do this, that is:



#1 Dare to be YOU for 100%.

The ONE thing that makes you unique and stand out, is who you truly are.

No one has the exact same background, upbringing, sense of humor, quirks, beliefs, opinions, strengths, etc. as you do.


Yeah, yeah, I know, you’ve heard it all before and I’m not telling you anything new here. 

But ARE you 100% true to you in your business?


Is there a gap between who you are in real life and how you show up in your business and marketing?

Do you make the same type of jokes? Use the same type of language?

Do you share ALL of the viewpoints & opinions you have about the content of your work?

Do you ever censor yourself in your marketing or copy because you’re not sure if people will like it / understand it / will criticize you for it?


If you adjust yourself to fit in, to be liked, to please others, or to prevent being criticized, it’s impossible to stand out at the same time.

Again, I am fully aware that I’m not telling you anything new.

But I also know that KNOWING this is not the same as LIVING this.


There’s always room to stretch yourself in this area.

And the more you do, the more you automatically stand out!


#2 Be more creative.

When my clients talk to me about their marketing, or how to launch something, here’s what they tend to focus on:

  • Different strategies and ways to promote something;
  • How often to send emails to their list;
  • How to write a good sales page.


And YES, all of this is important to think about.



It also brings you in Serious Business Mode.

Where there’s not much room for creativity, fun, or thinking out-of-the-box.

Where there’s not much room for playing or enjoying the process.


Where there’s not much room for coming up with original ideas (and if they DO come up, they’re often ignored because they’re too weird or too scary. Or no one’s done something like it before and so how can you tell it will work?!)


Serious Business Mode is the place where everyone looks and sounds the same.

Think out of the box, generate tons of ideas, and implement the ones that speak to your soul and light you up.

The more you add your own creative flavor to your business and marketing, the more you automatically stand out!



© Brigitte van Tuijl


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