Is there something you want and aren’t getting?


Here’s the first thing to stop doing:

Stop sticking to stories that don’t serve you.

Stop confirming what you think you can’t be, do, have or experience.

Stop believing the stories you’re telling yourself about all the ‘reasons’ you think you can’t have something.


What you believe and expect is what you will get.


Don’t think it’s possible to do what you love and make enough money with it, too?

You’ll end up doing things you DON’T love to be able to pay the bills.


Don’t believe that people will be willing or able to pay you amount X for service Y?

Guess what: they won’t ever pay you X.


Think it’s impossible to successfully launch something during the holidays?

Guess what will happen if you try.


Most things aren’t true until YOU decide that they are.


And for everything you believe is true there are most likely others who have already proven you wrong:


Think it’s impossible to swim, walk, speak on stages or skydive without arms and legs?

Nick Vujicic proves you wrong.


Think it’s impossible to charge $62,000 for a lipstick? (yes, sixty-two-THOUSAND dollars; you read that right the first time)

Guerlain proves you wrong.


Think it’s impossible to charge 1.5 million dollars for speakers?

Dutch company Kharma disagrees.


Impossible to sell a scoop of ice cream for 817 dollars?

Maybe not.


Think it’s crazy to think you can sell a handbag for OVER three-hundred-thousand dollars?

I think the previous owner of this Hermes bag disagrees. 


Think wireless electricity is impossible for SURE?

It’s already here.


So what limiting stories are you telling yourself that you hold as true?

What would be possible if they’re NOT?

And how different would you FEEL if you stop repeating them?


Write down all the reasons you think you can’t do, be, have or experience something.

Yes, ALL of them.

Uncensored, without judging or criticizing yourself.


There you have them:

The stories that keep you from getting what you want.

So stop sticking to them.

They’re not serving you.


Start telling yourself new stories instead:

Stories that uplift you.

Stories that fill you with hope and make you feel lighter.

Stories that open your mind & your heart to outcomes & possibilities you’ve never thought of before.

Stories that make you feel better about yourself and your life.

Stories that help you see yourself, your business & your potential clients in a brand new light.


Keep re-telling and confirming these new stories.

Don’t give up after giving it a half-assed try for a couple of days and still not noticing any changes!!!!!

Do you know how long and how often you’ve been telling yourself that you can’t have this, can’t do that, and aren’t worthy of so-and-so?!

Some of these old stories go back years.



So give it a chance will ya!

Don’t sit around waiting for things to change.

Don’t give it a half-assed try and give up again.


And for fuck’s sake, DO NOT even TRY to tell yourself new stories with the intent to prove them wrong!

That’s not helpful.

Don’t be a cranky cynic, unless that truly makes you happy and lights up your life.


So please, don’t say something this:

Well, it’s utter bullshit to think people will pay ME an insane amount of money for my coaching, and it will most likely never happen, but OK, let’s put my new price up on my website for 2 weeks and see what happens.

And then tell yourself multiple times a day that of COURSE no one responded or signed up yet. ‘Cause it’s not really possible.

But at least you’re giving it a chance, right?


You are not.

You are STILL holding on to your old story and belief around something that’s NOT possible for you.

And you’re STILL only focused on evidence to prove this story to yourself – despite it not serving you.

You rather hold on to what you know than to open the door to experiencing something new.


If you can’t come up with a new story that feels good AND allow yourself to grow into believing it, AT LEAST start asking new questions:

  • What if this IS possible?
  • What if I AM capable?
  • What if it IS safe?
  • What if I CAN have this?
  • What if I give it a shot and stop worrying about what might happen?
  • Why don’t I just DO it and then SEE what happens next, without trying to predict it upfront?


Your words have TREMENDOUS power.

Your words have the power to create or destroy your dreams and your happiness.

Be mindful of the words you use and the stories you choose to stick to.

They shape your reality.

So choose the right ones.


Stick to the stories that serve you.

And dump or change all the others.


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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