Do you ever rack your brains trying to come up with a good topic for your blog or newsletter?

I personally don’t (I structurally have more ideas for blogs and books than I have time to write them), but I often see my clients struggle with this.


Before I share a fun topic you can write one (or 25) blogs about, first take note of this:

The more articles you write, the more ideas for new topics you get.

(This is true in general: the more ideas you implement, the more ideas you get.)


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So don’t worry you’ll run out of ideas for blogs, programs, or ANYTHING.

The more you use your creativity and imagination, the more ideas it will bring you.

(AND you can actively strengthen and train your creativity, too!


And now the topic you can use to write AT LEAST one article on:

The Worst Advice-topic.


You can spin this idea any way you like, for example:

  • The worst advice on solving …..(insert problem related to your expertise. You probably serve more than one problem with your services or products, so you can write multiple blogs with this angle.)
  • The worst advice I ever received about….. (insert topic related to your own experiences in an area you help your clients with. Again: this angle can be used to write several different articles.)
  • The worst advice I got in school on…..(insert topic related to a personal story you’d like to share and/or that’s related to what you now teach your clients. Or mix it up with: the worst advice my parents / first employer / professor / whomever else you can think of / gave me)
  • The worst advice Oprah ever gave on(insert a topic Oprah said something about that you completely disagree with & why. Or refer to another well-known person who gave advice you disagree with.)
  • Keep it more general: the worst advice most business coaches (replace ‘business coach’ for a description that fits what you do in your business) give you on… (insert topic)
  • Or use the title of a well-known book or movie on a topic in your field if there’s something in there you disagree with. (Example: The worst advice the book The Secret gives on manifesting the life of your dreams.)
  • And finally, the super simple ‘Advise to NEVER follow on… (insert topic)’


I bet you can come up with multiple ideas for your next blog or newsletter now.

And if you put your creativity to work, I bet you can come up with several more spins and angles on this one idea.

Happy writing!


Oh, and just in case you wonder what that worst advice for your business I promised in the title is:

To listen to the advice and opinions others have, instead of to your intuition.

Your intuition always knows what’s best for you!!

So put your own inner wisdom above that of EVERYONE else’s wisdom.

(Even mine…;-)



© Brigitte van Tuijl



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