My 1-1 client Yvonne van Iersel believes we all need more quiet. Especially when you’re a busy professional who has many things to do and think of, both in your work and your life.

When you’re busy, your mind is often busy, too.

Which makes and you feel stressed and pressured.


If that’s how you feel right now, this interview with Yvonne is exactly what you need.

Some of what Yvonne shares in this 25-minute interview:

  • Why it’s so important to bring more quiet into our life & work (and what happens if you don’t);
  • How to access the silence that’s already inside you, always, no matter how stressed you feel or how busy you are (and when connect to it, you’ll instantly feel better AND get more done, too!), and
  • She takes you through a short exercise to connect to your inner peace & quiet while listening to this interview.


Freshen up your mind and take some time to recharge your battery by listening to this interview.

Simply click the play button below:

[s3audio s3url=”Interview with Yvonne.mp3″ width=”400px” /]
Enjoy the interview, and if you speak Dutch, don’t forget to sign up for Yvonne’s free gift here

It helps you experience moments of quiet in your busy life.

And, again for Dutch speakers only, check out her Day Of Quiet (Stiltebendedag) here.


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