A couple of weeks ago Nancy Tierney (copywriter & copywriting coach at Firecracker Communications) and I had a conversation on Skype where she blurted out her desire to teach people how to find God.

It instantly made total sense to me, even though on a practical level, Nancy has NO clue in which shape or form this will take place yet.

I also felt this was something I should interview her on, and put it on my blog for others to listen to and be inspired by.

She said yes, and here it is. (scroll down a bit to listen to it.)


Some of the topics we touch upon in this intuitively guided & inspired conversation, are:

  • How to live in alignment with your deepest truth and calling;
  • How to honor your calling (even when it makes NO sense and you don’t know how to proceed);
  • What you truly ache for underneath the desire for more clients, success or things;
  • And more spiritual & down-to-earth stuff combined with laughs & giggles.


You can listen to our conversation here.


Enjoy our conversation! I hope it inspires you to sink deeper into (AND act upon) your own heart’s desires.

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