I recently realized that I don’t create enough.

Creating something new is one of the things I love to do most, BUT…I wasn’t honoring that.

I even suppress MOST of the ideas I get!

And I’m pretty sure that you don’t follow up on a lot of ideas you get, too.

Which is too bad.

Because potentially brilliant ideas just disappear.

Because you’ll never know what might have been if you’d implemented it.

Because sometimes, you see someone else run with that same idea later – and you KICK yourself for not acting on it yourself!

And because it kills your creativity and general inflow of ideas.


You get the best ideas but let them slip away from you.

I know I do.

And you may do it for the exact same reasons as I do, too.

The first reason this happens is actually part of EVERY creative process.

It goes like this:

You get an idea. You love it! It’s great!

But then…your inner critic jumps in. It tells you the idea sucks. And not just that: YOU suck, too!


When you listen to your inner critic – or inner asshole, to be more precise – your idea gets killed right then and there.

This process looks like this, if you draw it on a shiny whiteboard and then take a picture of it:



If you manage to overcome this Creative Hurdle, a second set of reasons comes along:

The Seemingly Rational Business Reasons.

They sound like this:

  • But what exactly will you DO with this idea? Is it a free thing? A workshop? An online program? And how long will it be?
  • How does this fit in your business model?
  • What will your upsell be? Your downsell? Your cross-sell?
  • What’s the price? Are there bonuses? An early bird discount?
  • When will you launch it? How will you promote it?


Before you know it, your exciting idea turned into a Serious Business Thing.

That’s no fun.


And BAM: your originally fresh and exciting idea is gone.

And so is everything it could have brought you in the process (Fun! Freedom! Flow!).

And all the results it could have led to.

All gone.

What a shame!


So I decided to start honoring my creative impulses and my LOVE for creating new things fully.

To stop putting a lid on my creativity and to GO for the ideas that light me up. 

The first result of that is my brand new program Uncork Your Creativity.

And this email I wrote to promote it.


Does this mean my inner asshole is quiet now?

Hahaaa! No way!!!! It keeps telling me all of it sucks.

And I’ve doubted EVERYTHING I’ve created around this program so far: the email I mentioned. The sales copy. The program itself. The title. The content I came up with so far.


I simply decided I don’t care.

I decided to have FUN with this

Regardless of how many (or how few) people sign up for it.

Regardless of what others do or don’t think about it.

Regardless of what I think about it myself!


I’m simply enjoying the process, and I’m curious and open to see what happens next.

That’s the best way to create something AND enjoy it, too.


What would YOU create if YOU decided you don’t care about your inner noise, and to have fun with your idea?

GO for it!

What have you got to lose?

Ab-so-lu-te-ly nothing.

Sure, some ideas will work and others won’t.

So what? You never know what’s possible until you try.

Just go for it and enjoy the ride!


© Brigitte van Tuijl 



P.S.: Want to learn how to generate creative ideas; follow through on your ideas; learn all about the creative mindset AND get 7 fun creative exercises & prompts you can use for your business now & in the future?

My fast & fun program Uncork Your Creativity is just what you need. 

You can read all about and sign up for it here

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