Pricing….oh my. How women struggle with that!

When your price feels too high, you worry if people are willing to pay this price. And if you’ll ever be able to deliver the results you promised.

You start over delivering because you’re scared your clients will feel ripped off if you don’t give them ALL you’ve got, and then some.


When your price feels too low, you worry that you’re selling yourself short. It feels like your clients are taking from you. And you end up resenting your clients (and yourself!).

Not to mention the fact that you’re struggling to pay the bills and run the risk of burning yourself out as well.


It’s important that your price is right.

But when is it right?

When is it too high? And when is it too low?

Your price can cover ALL your costs and make you a nice profit, and STILL feel too low.

Your price can be the highest ANYONE in your field asks, and still not be TOO high. (Or even still be too low!)


Yes, of COURSE you should factor in the practical aspects of pricing:

Like how the price for one service or product fits in with your other prices.

And if you’re actually able to make a profit at a certain price.


But even when you factor in the practical aspects of pricing, your price can STILL feel off to you – OR to others!


Your price is off when it’s birthed from fear, doubt, scarcity and lack:

That you won’t be able to deliver the results you think people will expect when your price is higher; that no one will pay this price; that it’s not possible to ask a higher price than others in your industry do; doubts about the value of your work and the transformation you offer, etc. etc.


Your price is off when it doesn’t feel right to YOU, but you’re still asking it to live up to other people’s wishes, demands, criticism, or expectations (whether that’s your coach, your best friend or your audience.)


Your price is right when it comes from fully owning the value and transformation you deliver.

When it comes from a deep knowing, coming from your intuition and your soul, that this price is right for you in this moment of time.


You don’t always rationally understand WHY this price is right.

It might be lower OR higher than you’re comfortable asking.


But if it comes from flow, inner guidance, and that deep, deep knowing that this is the right price to ask this moment in time….

Trust that this is the right price for YOU, for right NOW, and GO with it.

Even when it scares you and feels uncomfortable. (Which WILL happen every time you stretch yourself.)

Go with this price for now.

You can always change it later.


So how do you know if your price is off or perfect for you and your business right now?


By HONESTLY answering these questions, and noticing every thought and emotion that comes up:

  • What’s the REAL reason you’re asking this price?
  • If it feels right to you: why is that?
  • If it feels wrong to you: why is that?
  • What are you resisting?
  • What are you scared of?
  • What price would you ask if you feared nothing, and fully trusted it would work out perfectly for you?


Remember this:

When your price feels off to you, it negatively impacts your results.

It makes it harder to market and sell, because you’re not feeling 100% OK about your offer.

And that always works against you!


Don’t be afraid to dig deep when you explore your prices.

The more you’re aware of what TRULY drives you when it comes to your pricing, the better you’ll get at pricing.

The better you’ll feel.

And the better your results will be, too!


© Brigitte van Tuijl

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