The only thing standing between you and the manifestation of your dreams and goals, is you.

Your thoughts, beliefs, actions, habits and patterns, to be more precise.


And those are the result of the way you see yourself.

You carry around all kinds of beliefs and thoughts about who you are.

AND about who you think you’re not.


These self-images are incredibly powerful.

They determine how you act, how you react, and what you expect is possible for you.

Which is great, when your perspective of yourself is of someone who always gets what she wants.


When you trust yourself, and believe in your ability to manifest your dreams.

But when you don’t….it becomes VERY hard to create the business and life you TRULY want.


If there’s a goal or dream you haven’t been able to manifest yet, it’s time to let go of some of your old personas or identities:


Let go of the you who thinks she’s not good enough.

The you who doubts if she’s worthy to be more, and have more.

The you who doubts if she’s capable to create more success.

Let go of the you who fears she will lose everything she creates, and therefore doesn’t allow herself to receive more to begin with.


Let go of the you who thinks there’s not enough, there’s never enough: not enough time, not enough money, not enough energy.

Let go of ALL the yous that no longer serve you, so you’re free to reinvent yourself any which way you please.


BE the person you choose to be today, and every day.

ACT like the person you choose to be today, and every day.

MAKE DECISIONS based on who you choose to be today, and every day.

You have that power, you know.

It’s time to start using it!


Here’s a fun and effective way to let go of all those personas and identities that no longer serve you:

Fire them!

Write a termination letter to all of them, and fire yourself effective immediately.

Here’s an example of a really short termination letter I wrote to my small, scared self.

The part of me that thinks small, acts small, feels small and insignificant, and doesn’t expect too much.

This is what I wrote:


Hi Small Brigitte, 


Here’s a quick letter to inform you that I’ll no longer be needing your services. 


You helped me through childhood and life, and I thank you for that.


But now, your job is done. 


You’re fired, effective immediately. 


Thank you and farewell! 






You can make your letter as long or short as you like.

And you can write as many letters as you like.

I bundled several identities, beliefs, and habits into one persona (Small Brigitte) and fired her.

If your personas aren’t easily bundled into one, write all of them a separate letter.


Play with it!

It’s fun to do, AND it’s effective too.

Try it, and notice the difference!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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