I disabled the option to leave comments on my blogs.

Yeah, I know, that doesn’t sound very sexy or inspiring.

Put it on, leave it off, who cares, right?!

Yes, that’s true.

But it’s not disabling the comments that’s of interest here.


It’s my thought process behind it.

It opened my eyes to some underlying thoughts and assumptions I wasn’t aware of yet – and one of those makes it harder to grow my business.


You may have something similar going on without knowing it – which makes it harder for YOU to grow YOUR business as well!

Have your attention now?

I thought so 😉


Here we go.

Since I first started blogging 80 years ago, I offered the option to post comments underneath my blogs.

(Yes, 80 years. It’s a well known fact that 1 internet year equals 10 human years.)

And then two weeks ago, we uploaded my new website.

And BAM! I was absolutely FLOODED with spam comments again.

So we had to find an effective solution that I was also completely happy with

Not all possible solutions felt good to me.


And I started thinking:


Hold your horses, Van Tuijl.

Let’s look at the REAL the reason you’re thinking about this in the first place.

You’re trying to find a solution to get rid of these stupid spam comments.

BECAUSE you want to keep the option to post comments on your blog open.

Why is that, exactly?


That was the FIRST time in 80 years of blogging I EVER asked myself THAT question!!!

How come I never thought about that before?


I know EXACTLY why.

Because the web builder who built my very first website-including-blog simply included it. Because interaction with your audience is important so they get to know you and bla bla bla bla blaaaaaaa.

Because all the blog gurus and business coaches I knew back then presented this as a simple fact.


And I didn’t question that.

Because I figured they were the experts, not me.

And because I wanted to grow my business and audience.

And if giving people the option to comment on your blog attributes to that, I’m in!


But I never asked myself if I actually WANTED to offer the option – yet another option – for more interaction with me.

If you’re someone who LOVES LOVES LOVES interaction and you can’t get enough of it and you enjoy hanging out with people all the time both on-and offline, yeah, SURE, offer as MANY options as you POSSIBLY can for people to interact with you.

But when you’re someone like me, who consciously limits ALL interaction with ALL people INCLUDING interaction with the people I actually personally know in real life and love very much???

Then that suddenly makes less sense.



There are plenty of options to interact with me already: email. Facebook. Twitter.

And other social media, too!


Which brings me back to the original question:

Why would I offer the option to post comments underneath my blog in the first place?


Especially since offering the option to comment ALSO means that:

  • I have to spend TIME to moderate those comments;
  • And the more comments you get the more TIME it costs;
  • Which automatically and unconsciously makes me promote my blogs less, because more people reading it = more comments = more time wasted on moderating these comments (and this is an energetic block to more business growth for sure!!!);
  • Your site and your email are FLOODED with spam comments.


ALL that hassle for something I:

#1: Don’t necessarily want more of, and especially don’t want more of in thousands of different places (email! Facebook! Twitter! Blog! Etc.!), and

#2 Don’t necessarily need the comments on my blog for: interaction can ALSO happen on Social Media.


Quite the thought process triggered by something as simple as what to do with comments on your blog 😉 


And now, finally, over to YOU again:

What are you doing or offering (or NOT doing or offering) without ever asking yourself the question if you actually WANT to do that?

(Because you’re unquestioningly following advice or examples from others?)

What would you STOP doing if you didn’t automatically follow what others in your field are doing, too?

What are you doing or offering that’s not FULLY aligned with your personality and who YOU really are?

What would you stop doing or offering if you didn’t care about what others thought of it?


And you know what? I DO love to hear what you think about this. And what came up for you.  


You just can’t comment on my blog anymore 😉

But here are 2 other options for you, in case you feel like I’m leaving you hanging now with some thoughts you’d like to share:

  1. Post it here, on my FB page, or
  1. Share this blog on Social Media and add your thoughts there.


To being true to you ALL the way, baby!


© Brigitte van Tuijl

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