For years, I’ve been working with sales and marketing software I wasn’t really happy with. It was expensive. User UNfriendly.

And it was an absolute DISASTER when it came to the whole EU VAT and what that means for your invoices and administration-thing. (Don’t ask. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s probably something you don’t need to know for your type of business.)

What matters is this:

I worked with that same system for almost 4 years, even though I was NEVER really happy with it.

So why did I stay?

Because I thought there was no alternative. (Yes, there’s other software out there. But as far as I could tell, that wasn’t much better.)


I didn’t believe I could get something better. And so I settled for what I had.

Sounds realistic, right?

If there’s no other solution, it’s best to accept what you currently have.

Or else you end up with nothing, and that’s even worse!


Over the years, I’ve settled for a lot of different things:

Jobs I hated; so-so partners; noisy, cold and too small apartments, to name just a few.


And I only ever manifested something better AFTER I stopped settling for what I had – even though I wasn’t sure if something better was possible for me:

I didn’t find the love of my life until AFTER I decided to stop settling for guys that weren’t 100% perfect for me.

I didn’t know if that perfect guy even existed or if I’d ever find him. But I decided that I’d rather stay alone for the rest of my life than settling for a partner who simply wasn’t good enough.

I didn’t become a Happy Hermit until after I decided to stop settling for a business that wasn’t 100% hermit-proof: a business that allows me to spend most of my time alone and have VERY limited interaction time with people.

Even though I was scared it wasn’t possible, I wouldn’t be able to make enough money doing it, and it felt super weird and out of reach for all kinds of reasons.


And I didn’t find a great alternative for that sales and marketing system until I finally decided I was DONE settling for a system that annoyed the fuck out of me on a regular basis.

I DECIDED and DEMANDED a solution would present itself because I was DONE tolerating everything I had been putting up with until then.


What all these transformations have in common is this:

  1. I was DONE tolerating what I had.
  1. I DECIDED I would stop settling for what I had, and DECIDED something better would present itself.
  1. Even though at the time of my decision, I didn’t know if a solution existed. Or if a possible solution would be within my reach. And even though my decision to stop settling triggered all kinds of doubts & fears.


Even though I already knew that this is how changing an unwanted situation works, I COMPLETELY forgot about it when it came to the aforementioned software system.

Because I was SO convinced that there WAS no solution, I was not open to FIND a solution.

It wasn’t until I was pissed of about the same things for the umpteenth time, that I FINALLY stopped settling.

And FINALLY said:

This WILL be solved, one way or another, BECAUSE I AM DONE TOLERATING THIS BULLSHIT!

Then, and only then, a path was cleared for a solution to find its way to me.

Which it did a couple of weeks after I made that decision.

What are YOU settling for in your business and life?

What is it that YOU are tolerating, because it doesn’t even occur to you that something better might be possible?

Stop settling for what you have because you’re not sure you can get something better.

Stop settling.

Decide something better WILL present itself to you – even if you have NO clue if that’s possible at all.

Just stop settling NOW.

Open up to see the solution.

No matter how long it takes to get to you: it WILL get there.

It ALWAYS does.

As I’ve experienced many times myself. And as I’m sure YOU’ve experienced many times yourself, too.

Good luck!


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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