“Bring all your financial records, both personal and business. Including an overview of everything you owe and own,” said my soon to be new bookkeeper many years ago.

We just made an appointment to get acquainted. She wanted to see every detail of my financial situation to see if and how we could work together.

I felt happy and excited about that appointment:

I found what I was looking for, a spiritual bookkeeper!

But that excitement quickly turned into resistance, shame, and disbelief when I started digging up all the information.

This was what my financial situation looked like?!

It was worse than I thought. I felt awful. And when I finally met my new bookkeeper I started crying my eyes out within the first 10 minutes of our meeting.

In retrospect, that was a good thing.

That meeting was the beginning of the healing of my financial situation.

It was the first time I really looked at my finances. And as difficult as that was, it also was the turning point.

Over the years I made a lot of progress. My financial situation got better.


But I still didn’t feel much better about money.

I kept regularly worrying about. Stressing over it. And the feast-or-famine cycle kept coming back.

So even though my financial situation was better than it was, it was by no means permanently solved.

I kept feeling bad about my situation, and also about myself.

I wondered what the hell was wrong with me that I couldn’t get this shit sorted.

It baffled me that I was a great coach and good at many things, but I STILL wasn’t good with money.


Until one day I decide I was going to change that forever. I was DONE with it.

And I started to make SERIOUS work of this money stuff:

I read dozens of books and hundreds of articles on money, manifesting and abundance.

I took several online programs on money. And I hired a coach to help me with it.


And…my situation changed. Improved.

I made total peace with money. My income went up and keeps going up. I feel secure about money, and never worry about it anymore.


Looking back, there are 3 main things I did & learned that helped me change my financial situation permanently:


#1: I took inventory of every detail of my financial situation.

As Merel, my spiritual bookkeeper as I lovingly call her, explained to me: it’s important to bring all the aspects of your financial situation from the shadow into the light.

Don’t hide anything from yourself. Don’t ignore anything. Bring it all into the light. That’s the first thing you need to do to heal your financial situation.


#2: Money issues are not about money.

The root of your money problems is something deeper.

It can be connected to issues regarding worthiness; self-love; safety; visibility; or limiting patterns & beliefs you took on from others.

The beauty of it is this: when you heal these issues, it’s not just your financial situation that gets healed.

YOU get healed. And that makes you feel better in every aspect of your business and life.


#3: I made the decision.

I decided to end all shittyness around money once and for all. I decided it was time to permanently change my financial situation.

And I was committed to doing whatever it took to make that happen – including getting the help I needed.


Maybe it’s time for YOU to permanently turn your financial situation around as well.

If so: my program Money Mindset Shift – fix your finances forever can help.

In it, I take you through the 5 core essential steps I took myself to make peace with money AND make more money, too.

These steps work.

They helped me.

They helped my clients.

And they can help you, too!

At the very least take a moment to check out the program if any of this resonates at all with you.

Read all about it now, and sign up if you feel this program might be just what you need.

If it doesn’t speak to you, AT LEAST make the decision to find another way to fix your finances and start making more money.

You DON’T have to struggle. And you DON’T have to go through it alone.

You CAN change it. With my help or that of someone else.

But at least decide that you WILL change it.

That decision will set the wheels of change in motion!


© 2016 Brigitte van Tuijl


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