I deeply believe that mission-driven women entrepreneurs need to get their money shit sorted AND get their hands on more money.

Here are 3 reasons why:


#1 Money is an excellent tool for healing & personal growth.

The reason money doesn’t flow to you as freely or abundantly as you would like, has NOTHING to do with money itself.

It has EVERYTHING to do with all kinds of underlying issues, fears, doubts & blocks that don’t only cause your money issues, but ALSO hinder you in other areas of your business & life.

For some, money doesn’t flow as a result of issues with self-worth and self-love, for example.

(Which also impacts ALL of your relations, your self-esteem, and your overall sense of belonging and well-being).

For others, money doesn’t flow because they don’t feel safe in the world or feel uncomfortable being seen.

(Which also makes it hard to share your message; speak your truth; share your opinions & beliefs; do marketing; speak up for yourself; set boundaries; etc.)


There can be dozens of different reasons why money doesn’t flow to you yet.

None of them have anything to do with money.


And all of those underlying issues ALSO impact your level of success, happiness, joy and well-being in EVERY other area of your business and life.

Healing, transforming and outgrowing these issues don’t just lead to making more money.

It ALSO heals YOU, and results in a more positive flow in every area of your business and life.


#2 Overcoming your money issues is HUGELY empowering.

In order to overcome your money issues and make more money, you have to heal, grow, step it up and stretch yourself.

You can’t feel like a victim of circumstances or others AND take full responsibility for your life, actions, and results at the same time.

It’s one or the other:

You either step it up, tap into your power, and make decisions from a place of strength and trust (even when you feel scared!) OR you make yourself smaller, feel helpless and powerless, and shrink back even more as a result of that.

Doing what it takes to fix your finances and make more money, will empower you more than you can ever imagine.


As a result of this empowerment, healing, and personal growth, your business will thrive.  

YOU will thrive. And you’ll feel SO much happier and more free! 

Which is great for YOU.

And I want that for you!!! I know from my own experience how much better it feels to NOT have to stress and worry about money anymore, and to watch your income grow.

It’s fantastic!

But there’s another reason I want you, female mission-driven entrepreneur, to get your hands on more money:


#3: I believe that EVERYONE benefits when you do!


Whether you like it or not: money – specifically what you DO with it, of course – is a powerful force in this world.

If YOU, with your desire and drive for positive change, get more money, more good can be done in the world. 

Because how and where you spend your money, has impact and makes a difference.


When more money comes in the hands of women who care about the world, more money can be used to making positive changes in the world: 

By supporting charities, projects, businesses and organizations that contribute to healing people and the planet, for example.

Or by buying products that are durable, eco-friendly, and fair trade.


Imagine the amount of extra good that can be done in the world if more money comes into the right hands: 

The hands of women who care about the planet and each other.

YOUR hands! 


(And, YES, of course you are allowed to enjoy plenty of it for yourself, too 😉 

But on top of that, you’ll have extra money to support your family and loved ones, and can contribute more to changing the world!) 


Transforming your relationship with money, and making MORE money than you currently do, is good for you, your business, AND for the world.

That’s why I created my online program Money Mindset Shift – fix your finances forever.

Join me if you want to learn all the ins and outs of healing your money issues and making more money (without working your ass off or doing anything you don’t believe in or don’t resonate with!)


Your financial transformation serves everyone, including you!


(AND I’m practicing what I preach here, of course: 

For every purchase of this program, 25 Euros go to Kiva. 

Kiva is a non-profit company that supplies small loans to people all over the world. Through Kiva, I support women projects all over the world to help them start and grow businesses; support their families, children, and communities, etc.

When a loan is repaid, I re-lend it to another woman.

So the money keeps supporting more women!)


To your abundance and more positive change in the world!




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