Making more money has nothing to do with money.

Absolutely nothing at all.

You can learn about money, talk about money, and focus on money as much as you like: that’s NOT what brings in more money .

The opposite is also true: 

Ignoring money, thinking it’s not important, or saying you don’t want or need more money, won’t bring more money in either.

So what does?


#1 Being open to receive.

This is a BIG one. Women tend to have a problem with receiving.

Giving? Sure. Especially the mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to help others, heal the world, make things better.

They are GOOD at giving and sharing.


Phew! That’s harder.

Be honest: how good are YOU at it?

Do you charge enough, or do you undercharge? Because your work and services should be available to everyone? Because it’s unethical to make money doing spiritual work?

Or because you feel uncomfortable and icky about money, and you’d rather skip over that aspect of doing business as quickly as you can?

Whatever your reason: you can’t receive more than you allow yourself to have.

So if you’re struggling with money or for whatever reason want to make more of it: make sure you’re open to receive more.

Giving and receiving should be energetically balanced.

Or you’ll deplete yourself financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 


#2 Ask enough.

Another difficult one for a lot of women.

Do YOU ask enough? And I’m not just talking about charging enough.

I’m talking about asking for what you want in general.

Do you ask for help and support when you need it?

Do you ask for what you want in general, whether you ask other people or the universe?

And do you even ALLOW yourself to want what you TRULY want?

Or do you settle in advance for whatever reason?


#3 Not giving enough.

Hiding out. Playing small. Keeping yourself boxed in. Not sharing your real voice. Not sharing your full truth.

Toning down your personality. Watering down your message.

Not being fully committed to your goals. Not following through.

These are ALL ways in which you are blocking yourself from fully expressing yourself.

And when you don’t fully express yourself, you’re blocking the flow.

The flow of creativity and inspiration (because you’re not doing anything or not enough with the inspired ideas you DO get, which tends to dry up the stream of more inspiration to flow to you.)

And it ALSO blocks the flow of money.

There are more potential reasons you’re blocking the flow and aren’t making enough money – yet.

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