Some thoughts or habits can act like money repellers. Without you even knowing it.

Check out these things to see if they might be keeping money away from you right now:


#1 Your doors are energetically closed for business.

Sometimes you think you want more clients (and you may even take all kinds of actions to get actually get them) while at the same time, you don’t.

Because you’re afraid you won’t be able to handle a flood of new clients.

Or you’re worried you can’t deliver the results your clients desire.

Or you need more alone time instead of more interaction with people.

If you feel the price of getting more clients is higher than you’re willing to pay, you will automatically energetically close your doors for business.

For clients.

And, as a direct result, for money as well.



#2 You’re attached to the result.

When you’re attached to getting certain results, when you feel you NEED to get something, that neediness is often the reason you’re not getting it.


Because what you focus on, expands. What you constantly give your energy and attention, is exactly what you’ll get more of.

So do you get when you constantly think you need more money?

Right: more neediness.

I know, this is a tough one.

I’ve had the exact same thought you probably have right now:

What the fuck are you talking about?

OF COURSE I need money! I have bills to pay, things to buy, make a living, survive!

Yes. You do.

AND that money can flow to you in many different ways, from many different sources. If only you LET it.

It’s your job to take the actions that are yours to take. And to keep the doors open for money to flow to you any which way it pleases.

The universe will then find the way of least resistance to bring it to you.

Of course you want to make money. If you didn’t you wouldn’t have a business to begin with.

You don’t have to let go of wanting money, of desiring to make and receive money.

All you have to let go of is trying to control how and when that money comes to you.

Neediness breeds more neediness.

Trust that the universe has your back. That LIFE has your back.

(It has until now, hasn’t it? You obviously have access to a computer to be reading this. And I bet you’re not homeless, clotheless, or starving. Right now, in this moment, you are OK.)

Decide what you want, take inspired actions to get it, and let go of needing it to happen in a certain way, with a certain result, in a certain timing.


It’s like that phone call you’re desperately waiting for. You know when that comes, right?

The moment you stop needing it to happen. The moment you stop checking if your phone still works every 5 seconds.

The moment you stop waiting for it to happen. The moment you surrender.


THAT’S the moment you let go enough to make space for it to actually happen.

And with money, it works the exact same way:

It can come to you the moment you relax, let go, open up, and take inspired actions without trying to control what happens next.


And? Recognize anything?

If so, decide to change it. Decided to let go, to open up, and to stop repelling money. Decide to open up to receive more.


Decide to start attracting money and opening up to receive it, instead of chasing it away.

Ask yourself: what can I do to make that happen?

Usually you immediately get an idea of what you can do. Or of who or what could help you.

If nothing comes up, ask the universe to bring you the answer.

And stay open to receive the answer. It ALWAYS comes.





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