Whether you’re aware of it or not: you have a financial ceiling.

An upper limit to the amount of money you’re able to make or keep.

That ceiling works like a thermostat in your home: when you set that to 21 degrees Celsius, the central heating will switch off once the room reaches that temperature.

When it gets warmer than 21 degrees, the air-conditioning will switch on to actively bring down the temperature again.

Your financial ceiling or income ceiling is like that thermostat:


The moment you reach or surpass the amount of money it is set to, the money flow will stop and/or your expenditures will go up.

Until you’re down to your original money setpoint again.

This happens subconsciously, of course.

And it can be a BIG pain in the ass, because:

When you’re not aware that you even have a certain financial setpoint or income ceiling, AND you have no idea how you start sabotaging yourself to bring your income down, there’s no way you can ever make more money than your current ceiling.

And you’ll never know what keeps you stuck. Or how to move past it.

So how DO you get past it?

First, of course, by being aware of the fact that you even HAVE an income ceiling. AND knowing how high it is.

Secondly, by knowing how you sabotage yourself to make sure your income doesn’t surpass your current setpoint.

Thirdly, by STOPPING your self-sabotaging, and finally, by raising your wealth setpoint.


Raising your wealth setpoint helps you move past your current income ceiling.

Try playing with one (or all) of these ways below.

It works AND it’s fun!

3 easy ways to raise your financial setpoint so you can start making more money:


#1: Wear jewelry, clothes or shoes you normally only wear on special occasions, on a regular (work)day.


#2: Buy things that make you feel wealthy. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune: it can be little things like buying flowers for your office, or buying the most expensive peanut butter instead of the cheapest one.


#3: Remember a time or moment when you felt rich and wealthy. Close your eyes and feel into that feeling. Remember your posture. Step into that same energy and posture. Voilà: you’re in your wealthy vibe.


Play with it! It’s fun, makes you feel good, and helps you raise your wealth setpoint, too.



©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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