I just reread an email I sent to one of my 1-1 clients a couple of weeks ago.

She was pretty stressed about money, and I sent her a bunch of tips on how to deal with that.

The second tip I gave her immediately jumped out for me now.

“Write a love note to money,” I said. “Like you’re writing an ode to a loved one.”


I remember doing this myself a couple of years ago.

At that time, I was SUPER stressed out about money myself.


The last thing I felt like doing was to write a love note to money.

Telling it exactly what I thought of it and how it made my life miserable?

No problem!

Telling it what I appreciated about it?

Get outta here!


But…I knew it would MASSIVELY shift my energy.

So I sat down and wrote the note. It was a teary, messy, emotional process. And it was very cathartic.


I was curious to see what it would be like to write a love note to money again.

Only one way to find out 🙂

So I grabbed some paper, and penned down this note below in a minute or so.

I didn’t think about it, but simply wrote down everything that came up.


Here it is: 


Hi money!


I love you. I truly and deeply love you.


I know I’ve neglected you often over the years. Took you for granted. Disliked you. Dismissed you. Spent you carelessly. Was indifferent or even hostile towards you. 


Blamed you for making my life harder. Hated you for even existing. Ignored you.


Couldn’t care less about you one minute and was super attached to you the next.


I don’t know how you put up with me. 


Yet you did. 


You never went away for too long. You kept coming back. You hung in there, even when I didn’t.


I’m glad our relationship normalized. Improved. Got REALLY good, even.


Thank you for that!


I apologize to you for not being a good friend to you for many years.


But above all, I apologize to MYSELF for not feeling worthy. For treating myself carelessly. For taking myself and my wellbeing for granted. 


For not giving myself what I wanted and needed.  


No more. You can I are best friends forever now, money!


I promise to treat you accordingly. 


And I promise MYSELF that I will NOT EVER deny myself ANYTHING I want and need.


Whether it’s oxygen, joy, love or money:


I can have as much of it as I choose. The only limit is the one I put on it. And why do that?! The more I receive, the more I can give & share. 


Here’s to you and me being best friends forever, money.







This time, it was fun and easy to write this letter. What a difference with the previous one I wrote!


I hope sharing my letter inspires you to write your own love note to money.

Try it! You never know how it can open you up and shift your energy until you do.

Don’t over think it, and simply write down whatever comes up. The words and emotions are already there. All you have to do is let them out.

I know that making peace with money has been one of THE biggest factors in healing my money issues and as a result, in making more money.


If that’s something you crave, too: write the letter.



© Brigitte van Tuijl


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