Most people think that making money is all about what you DO.

Which automatically means that if you want to make more money you have to work harder.

You have to DO more if you want to RECEIVE more.


When you believe this, if only a little, you think that making money is an OUTER game.

Which it isn’t.

Making more money is an INNER game first and foremost.

(And if you don’t KNOW that, or understand how it works, and act upon it, making money becomes HARDER!!!)

It starts with what you think, feel and believe.

If you have inner blocks, stress or strains around working or making money, this will automatically translate into a lack of results.


Maybe you think that you KNOW this already, and this is not a trap you fall into anymore.


I wouldn’t be too sure of that.

Let’s check it by seeing if you recognize anything in the following statements, OK?


#1 You feel (slightly) guilty when you’re not doing much: shouldn’t you be working?

Maybe you feel like you really want to take a nap after lunch. But you can’t, because you’re too busy. You should work.

Or you KNOW it’s a good idea to take a real lunch break instead of shoving some food in your mouth while answering emails.

But you don’t give yourself time for it. And certainly not every day!

You don’t feel inspired to take a certain action, but instead of checking if maybe it’s not the right time or the right action to take, you push through anyway.

And you find it hard to REALLY relax.

There’s always a little voice reminding you that maybe, you should be working instead of just hanging around. Time is limited, baby!


#2 You feel (a little bit) guilty when you made money with something that came easy to you: did you really DO enough to justify this?

Did you REALLY deliver enough value?

Did you REALLY do enough?


Do you think that things that come easy can’t be valuable at the same time?

That there has to be at least a LITTLE bit of struggle involved if you want to make more money?

Can’t have it all, can you….

And if something comes THAT easy to you….are you then really allowed to charge top dollar for it?

Or does that feel slightly off, sleazy, unspiritual and unethical?


#3 You feel (just a little bit) worried when your vacation comes up and/or before the summer starts.

Will you make enough money when you’re not around DOING things to make that happen?

You can’t just unplug your business for a week or 2, right? How will that ever bring in enough money?

It’s nice to take it slower during the summer, but won’t that negatively impact your income?

You think that maybe it will….



When you want or need to make more money, the first thing you think is this:

What can I DO to make more money?

Yep….this shows that at least part of you believes you have to DO more if you want to MAKE more.


(Bonus Tip:

Try replacing that question with this one, and notice if you can feel a difference:

How can I open up to receive more money?)


If you resonate with any of these statements, you  fall into the trap that making more money is mostly an outer game, too.

But it’s not.

The BEST way to increase your income is to clear yourself from all stress, struggle and strain you have around money FIRST.

All creation starts inside you first. Including making more money.

And the more you feel at peace around your finances, the easier it is to make more money:

Inspiration will flow. Ideas and opportunities will come your way.

And because your mind & emotions are clear, you recognize all opportunities in front of you.

You know exactly what to do and when to do it. Your inner shit is gone and no longer blocks your flow.

And THAT, in a nutshell, is what makes you more money.

NOT working harder and pushing more.


To unblocking and opening the flow!



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