One of the things a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with is making enough money.

Marketing and sales are, of course, an important part of that.

But THE most important aspect of making more money is the INNER aspect – how you think and feel about money, and what you believe about it.

Until you change these beliefs and make an inner shift around money in general, it is NOT possible to make (or keep!) more money.

I’ll address the top 3 limiting beliefs a lot of mission-driven entrepreneurs have in this article.

I hope this helps shift your mind, so you’ll be free to make money in your business.

Mindshift #1: It’s OK to make money when you help people

“What I do should be available to everyone, including people who can’t afford it. That’s ethical and moral and a good thing to do. These people are struggling already, and it’s not fair to ask them to pay me on top of it. Especially when they can’t afford it!”

Sound familiar? I used to believe this myself, by the way, so I totally get it if you do too.

But I don’t believe this anymore. You not making enough money does not help ANYONE.

It only leaves you overworked, frustrated, tired, angry, and broke.

As a result, you are so stressed out THAT YOU CAN’T HELP ANYONE WITH ANYTHING ANYMORE.


Here are some ideas on what you CAN do to make sure more people can benefit from your work, AND still make a decent living yourself:

  • Offer different packages or products in different price ranges;
  • Offer something for free to get people started, something that’s easy for you to give away (for example: a free call or training / a free report / valuable articles and blogs);
  • Offer a scholarship to someone who absolutely needs your high-end program but really can’t afford it (Check this thoroughly though – if I had a dime for every time someone said they couldn’t afford me, only to go skiing the next week or having a new kitchen installed the next month, I could retire by now).


Mindshift #2: It’s okay to make money doing spiritual work

“I was born with this gift, it was given to me by the universe, so I really can’t make money with it. That’s not a spiritual thing to do. It’s not really hard work for me, you know, it’s just…it’s given to me and then I give it to my clients.”

Yeah, I used to believe that one too.

Not anymore.

Some insights that shifted this for me:

  • There’s nothing ‘spiritual’ about you not being able to pay your rent;
  • EVERYONE has been given talent(s) and gifts – we were ALL born with those. Sharing those with others in exchange for money is a fair deal – EVERYTHING is energy, including money and your gift. Being paid for your work is nothing more and nothing less than a fair exchange of energy;
  • Giving and receiving should be balanced. If you give more than you receive, you drain yourself. Result: you get overworked, frustrated, etc. Not helpful to ANYONE.


Mindshift #3: You are allowed to do good for the world / your community AND be happy AND make (lots of) money as a result of it

“My work is already so much fun and rewarding, it just doesn’t feel right to get paid well for it too. That would be TOO much! I’m so blessed already. It would be greedy and bad of me to think I can love what I do AND make money with that too. You can’t have it all, you know. And you shouldn’t even want that.”

Yep, I kinda believed this one myself, too.

Again: not anymore.

I now believe that you have EVERY right to love what you do AND make money with it. Why would there be anything wrong with that?

You DO NOT have to starve or suffer if you’re here to make a difference and do good for the world. Suffering does NOT make you a better person. Just a sadder one.


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Take some time to examine the beliefs you have about money.

Then ask yourself:

Does this believe support me, my business, and my family?

If not, it might be time to change it.

When you free yourself of your limiting beliefs around money, you are free to change your financial situation.

Yes, you still need to take action – but that’s so much easier when your inner work is done FIRST.


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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