You grow, learn and change all the time.

You’re not exactly the same person you were three years ago. Or even one year ago.

But is your self-image up to date with all the changes you’ve gone through?

Probably not.

Your beliefs, actions, circumstances, and results have changed, but this does not mean your self-image has automatically upgraded as well.

What you think about yourself right now is usually not a reflection of who you are TODAY, but of who you were BEFORE.

This may hold you back or keep you playing smaller than you’re already capable of.

Make sure your self-image is up to date.

It will expand how you think about yourself, make you feel better about yourself, AND get you better results as well.

Here’s how:

Look back on the last 1-3 years, and answer the following questions:


#1 What have you learned?

What new skills have you learned? What knowledge and expertise have you gained?

What programs did you participate in?  What are workshops or events you attended?

What books did you read, coaching did you get, or mentoring did you receive?

What has all of this taught you?

Make a list of all the things you learned.


#2 What successes did you have?

Make a list of every success you had in the past 1-3 years (both in your business and personal life) – include ALL wins, big and small.

After you’ve completed your list, look at every item on it and ask yourself:

  • What has this success taught me?
  • What knowledge have I gained?
  • What skills have I learned or developed?
  • How has this changed who I am?
  • And how has this changed what I am capable of?


#3 What obstacles, doubts, and fears have you overcome?

Take a look at the things you didn’t think you were capable of 1-3 years ago.

What were you scared of? What doubts did you have? How did you overcome them?

Write it down, and ask yourself these questions next:

  • What has overcoming these fears and doubts taught you?
  • How has it changed who you are?
  • How has it changed what you are able to do?
  • What is now possible for you that wasn’t possible before?


Take some time to make these three lists and answer every question.

I guarantee it will make you feel good about yourself! An exercise like this really boosts your self-esteem.

And when you’re finished, your self-image will be accurate and up to date.


After you’ve completed this exercise, there are just two more things for you to do.

First things first: enjoy and celebrate your success!

Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

Buy yourself something nice, go out to dinner, or whatever it is that makes you happy.



The second thing is this:

Ask yourself how your clients benefit from this new and improved version of you:

  • What can you now teach your clients that you couldn’t teach them three years ago?
  • What can you now share with them as a result of everything you’ve learned and accomplished?
  • How does this benefit your clients?
  • And last but not least: are they already aware of this? Do your blog / site / bio / programs / services etc. etc. reflect your current knowledge, added value, and expertise?

If not, make the necessary adjustments so you fully express who you are and what you have to offer today.

Enjoy & good luck!


© Brigitte van Tuijl



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