People have so many dreams, wishes & desires – and so many of those remain unfulfilled.

What a shame! Nothing is more fun and satisfying than living your mission and dreams (and nothing is scarier…).

I bet you have some dreams you’d like to come true too.

This article helps you manifest them by sharing the 3 basic phases of creation with you.

(It’s a simplification of the process, by the way- but it IS how it generally works)

Take a look at the pitfalls and solutions for each phase, so you can move forward and fulfill that beautiful mission of yours:

Phase 1: the first feeling of desire

You feel you want to change, accomplish or experience something. A dream or wish is making itself known.

This often starts with a feeling there must be more to life, and to business, than you’re experiencing right now.


You’re not really clear on what’s calling you exactly. It’s still just a tingly feeling that something needs to change. But what? And how? You don’t know, and give up before you even start.


Examine your dream. Dive into it. Clarify what you want and why it matters to you. The fuel to move forward to the next phase comes from the connection to these feelings.


Phase 2: the first steps

You’re clear(er) on what’s calling you. You know what you want and why you want it.

You start working on your mission and take a step or two. Maybe more. Until you hit an obstacle or question you don’t immediately have an answer to.


Your doubts show up. (Is this really what I want? Is it possible? Can I really do it?) You start believing your doubts more than you believe in yourself and your dream.


Learn to address those fears and doubts. You don’t have to get rid of them to be able to move forward. You just have to learn to deal with it, and act despite of it.

If being free or fear was necessary to move forward, no one would have ever accomplished any goal or dream at all. Feeling uncomfortable and/or scared is part of the process. Know and trust you can deal with it. 


Phase 3: the cycle repeats

You feel energized again. You take more steps.

And then……


Old doubts come up. Again. Some new fears show themselves.

You stop. You fear. You wonder. You swear and curse.

You’re DONE with it being so hard and struggling so much.

You don’t want it THAT bad, actually, now that you think about it. If this is the price you have to pay, it is just too high. You were perfectly happy before, thank you very much. You don’t need this shit. You quit.


Know that this cycle (feeling energized and in love with your mission or idea, followed by fears and doubts showing up, followed by reconnecting and feeling energized again…) repeats itself several times until you achieve your goal.

Or until you give up. (Problem solved, at least for now….Just know that another dream or the same one will start calling you again).

Here’s the bad news:

You go through this EVERY time you start something new, take a leap, move forward to a next level, or put your little toe outside of your comfort zone.

Hey. Don’t shoot me. Just telling the truth here 😉

Don’t stop reading though – there’s good news too!

You can learn to deal with it.

You can move forward while shitting your panties. (Not literally shitting, of course, but you know what I mean.)

I know, because I’ve been scared so many times – varying from being mildly nervous to being in A.Total.State.Of.Sheer.Panic!!!

And so many things still scare me.

But I ALWAYS move forward. Sometimes it takes me a loooonnnngggg time before I finally jump. Sometimes I just take a deep breath, and GO.

And YOU can do that too.

You can. And you’ve already done so before. Just think about it.

You’re much braver than you give yourself credit for.


Do you feel that first tingly feeling of a dream of bigger mission calling you?

Are you already chasing your dream, and feeling on the verge of giving up?

Don’t give up and don’t stop before you start.

Look at the pitfalls and solutions and see if you can motivate yourself to move on.

Get help if you need it.

Because in the end, you’re either living your dreams…or you’re settling for a business & life inside your comfort zone, dictated by fear….and THAT kind of business & life NEVER fulfills you.

What do you choose: your dreams? Or your fears?

It’s entirely up to YOU, baby…



© Brigitte van Tuijl



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