I’m taking it super slow this summer.

I’m only taking inspired actions. (= actions your intuition/spirit ask you to take, so you do the exact right thing in the exact right time.)

And I’m not getting a lot of actual, visible work done.

Right now, I’m mostly inspired to relax. To take it slow. To savor each day and each moment.


Sounds pretty relaxed, right?

It is.

AND sometimes, it triggers doubts and feels uncomfortable:

Am I REALLY doing what I’m supposed to do?

Or am I avoiding something? Procrastinating without even realizing it?


I know that I’m NOT the only one who sometimes feels uncomfortable if you don’t seem to be DOING a lot.

It’s something most women entrepreneurs deal with from time to time.

(IF they even allow themselves to relax as much as they actually want and need!)

I see it in almost all my 1-1 clients, too.

They all desire to feel more relaxed in their business and life.

But the moment that actually happens…is also the moment their doubts show up:

Am I DOING enough?

Shouldn’t I be doing MORE?

There’s a reason these thoughts come up, of course.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that nothing happens if you don’t WORK for it.

We live in an action- and visible, tangible results based society.

We’re all taught you need to take visible, measurable actions to get real life results: clients. Money.

Which is partly true:

Yes, you DO have to take ‘real’ action to get things done and manifest anything.


That’s only a small part of it. Your energy and how you feel are more important.

And you get the best results from your actions if they are inspired actions: the right action, in the right time, that needs to be taken by YOU in order to manifest whatever you want to manifest.

Your intuition tells you what these actions are.


These are NOT always actions that make sense to your rational mind.

And these are NOT even always ‘actions’ or ‘work’ like we’re used to defining it in the western world. These actions can ALSO be to take a walk. To google the lyrics to a song. To take a nap. Or to sit in the sun and just BE.

When your inspired action right now is to RELAX, and to take it slow, not just for a day but for a week, two weeks, or even longer than that…


It can make you feel REALLY uncomfortable.

The answer to that is NOT to start frantically running around, doing random stuff, just to keep yourself busy.

The answer is to explore which stories, beliefs, fears, doubts & thoughts get triggered. Because THAT is the real source of feeling uncomfortable about anything always.


Here’s a selection of my thoughts & doubts that got triggered.

I bet you can relate to AT LEAST one of them:


  • When you don’t work, you don’t make money;
  • When you want to accomplish more, you have to work harder;
  • What if I never feel inspired to get back to work again?
  • I know I want to have a simple, quiet business & life…but will I REALLY establish that 7-figure inspiration & information empire that way?! Seems like everyone who is super successful hustles her ass off all the time;
  • Now is the perfect time to get so much done: you have no appointments at all, and less email than usual. Why don’t you make better use of that time?!


Thoughts like these all come from scarcity-based fears that don’t serve you at all.


It’s better to replace them by other thoughts that DO serve you:

Whatever YOU need, is what your business needs, too.

What you most deeply crave is also what you most need right now.

(HINT: that’s one way your next inspired action makes itself known: it’s your answer to the question ‘what do I most long for right now?’)

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Trust that.


Trust that your aspirations, your purpose, your desires, and whatever is in your highest good, will summon everything you need to manifest it:

The inspiration, people, circumstances, ideas AND inspired actions you need.

This is how manifesting, how life, works.

Trust YOURSELF to do what you need to do, whenever you need to do it.


Trust that when you feel you need to relax, that is exactly what you most need to do now.

The inspiration to do some actual ‘work’ WILL come in the exact right time.

Trust that you’ll know it when it does.

Until it does: relax. Take it slow and easy. Savor each moment.





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