The universe works in magical, mysterious ways.

We don’t have to know HOW it works, but only have to trust that it DOES. 

So here’s one way you can use its magic:

If you’re not sure what decision to make or what’s best for you, simply ask for a sign.

Ask for a clear sign that makes total sense and you’ll KNOW how to act upon.

(And if you’re not sure how to interpret  the sign or answer you get, ask for clarification or a new, clear answer.)


The answer ALWAYS comes. 

Here’s how that unfolded for me this morning:

Two months in a row I experimented with something new:

I took the latest collection of blogs I wrote, and bundled them in a free ebook.*

It was a total inspired action I implemented the moment I got the idea.


This morning, I wondered if it made sense to keep creating these free ebooks every month.

Normally whenever I wonder about things like that, I immediately feel a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ coming up.

Not this time.

And I know that trying to figure things out often doesn’t work – and is usually not necessary.

So I did what I always do:

I asked the universe for a sign.

I really couldn’t be bothered to sit down and think this through, and besides:

why make finding the answer difficult when it can also be easy, right?

So, I asked for a clear sign and let go.

Didn’t think about it anymore.

And this afternoon, I suddenly saw this email that someone sent me on June 29 already.

But I only saw it today!

Here’s what the email said**:

Wow Brigitte… what a great idea!  and thank you.  So often, I see a

great blog post that I want to read, but just don’t have the time during

a busy week, so it often ends up getting forgotten (or sits as an open

tab on my desktop until I close it in a frenzy of tidying up!).  This

gives me the opportunity to save it somewhere sensible to browse through

at leisure.  Good thinking, and thanks again,


I guess I have my answer 🙂

Over to you now:

What is something you wonder about, aren’t sure of, OR are trying to figure out by thinking it through – without getting any closer to an answer or decision?

Ask for a sign.

Ask for a clear sign you can easily understand and act upon.

Let go. Don’t think about it anymore.

And keep your eyes, your heart and your mind open to see and receive the sign(s) and answer(s) you WILL get.

You don’t have to do all the hard work alone, when you have the power of the universe (and your own intuition) at your back and call 😉

To magic!

(Want to learn more all leveraging the full powers of the universe and your intuition in your business?

Check out my program Business Magic.)


** This is the exact email she wrote me – I only took out her name and replaced it with the letter of her firstname for privacy reasons.


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