On July 1, it was exactly 13 years ago since I started my business.

And with everything I learned and experienced in those 13 years, here are 3 things I would do first if I would start a new business today.

You can use them if you’re about to start your biz, OR if you need more clients fast, OR if you’re about to completely change course in your business:


#1 Mission, Vision & Mindset

Get VERY clear on your mission:

What difference and contribution do you want to make? Who do you want to help with what? On what scale? And why does all this matter to you?

Also clarify your vision for your business. (What is it you’re actually building? What’s the true dream you have for your business? Why?)

And of course, the vision for your life. (How do you choose to live? Who do you choose to be? Why?)


Be as detailed and exact as you can be right now.

If you know 2 words, than that’s all you need for now.

If you can write an entire book about it, that’s fine too.

Whatever you know right now is enough for right now.

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And finally, work on your mindset: get aligned with your mission & vision.

Explore what you need to believe and who you need to be to manifest this mission & vision.

Explore what you don’t believe yet, what your expectations are, and if these expectations serve you or hold you back.

And then, clear up all the mental crap that does NOT help you move forward.


Don’t wait until your crap is cleared before you take step #2.

You’ll ALWAYS be clearing your crap and you ALWAYS have to be aware of your mindset.

Because ALL of your results and ALL of your feelings start with what you believe and the stories you tell yourself – aka your MINDSET.

So: clear it up AND move forward at the same time!


#2 Make yourself visible (online, offline, or both)

Create a super simple website with just a couple of pages: who you are, what you do, who you help with what.

Create Social Media accounts and do something to make yourself visible every day.

Find ways to add value in how you make yourself visible: give tips, write articles, etc.

Start building a list from day 1. Ask everyone you know if they want to be on it.

Grow your list, nurture your list, email your list, and finally: sell to your list.

Don’t know how any of this works?

Free option: Google it; read articles, free books and blogs about this; and implement the tips & info you find.

Paid option: hire a coach and/or buy on online program and/or follow a live workshop or program that teaches you all this.

Whatever you do: learn, implement, take action.


#3 Sell

Think of ONE thing you can sell right now, and start selling that right NOW.

When you do all of the things mentioned in step 2, you can combine your marketing and delivering value with selling.

By creating a special offer, contacting people you know, asking everyone if they know something who can benefit from your….whatever it is you sell.

Do this every day, in every way you can come up with, and keep doing it until you land your first client.

And your second. And your third.

Have no clue how to do any of this?
(Really? Or are you scared or have doubts holding you back? Work on your MINDSET again. Clear the mental crap.)

Learn what you need to know.

Same options as in step 2.


Focus on getting clients FIRST.

And then, when you have a somewhat steady stream of income, you can start taking the next steps to grow your business further.

But focus on getting clients / selling things first.

If you keep making yourself visible, combine that with a call to action, make sure people know who you are & what you do & how you can help them – and you keep making that visible day in day out – you’ll succeed.


Sure, you may need to learn a ton of things along the way.

Correction: you WILL need to learn a ton of things along the way.

About sales and copywriting and marketing and pricing and creating programs and launching and more.

And you WILL learn about it along the way.

You don’t have to do it all at once or know it all at once.


Start by focusing on these 3 steps simultaneously.

That’s how I’d do it if I started a new business today.

As a matter of fact: these 3 steps are the EXACT steps I focused on first when I basically started a new business when I turned my Dutch career coaching biz into a global business coaching biz (with a new language, audience, and ALL new offerings) in November 2011.

Sure, I had the benefit of having all the knowledge, expertise AND the practical business foundation I needed to market and sell my new biz from day 1.

And that’s why these 3 steps delivered instant results.

If you’re completely new to business you may need a bit longer because you’re learning while doing new things almost every day.

But these steps WILL work for you, too, I KNOW they will.

Try it if you’re about to start your business.

Or if you’re completely changing directions in your already established business.

Or if you already started your biz, but it’s not going so great and you need clients in the door fast.

These 3 steps, taken simultaneously, work in all these situations.

Good luck!



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