I wrote this post in May 2012, but I’m resposting today because I think it can still serve & inspire you. Enjoy!

Lately I realized that I was dreading the new phase I am growing towards in my business.

I noticed I was holding back and not doing everything I knew I should be doing to move forward with my business and my book.

At first I couldn’t put my finger on it: what was I avoiding and why was I doing that?


But soon I realized that it was the same thing I face every time I grow and am getting ready to step into the next phase:

It sometimes feels (highly) uncomfortable to step into something you do not know yet.

This happens every time a new phase starts showing up at the horizon.

You grow and change, and as a result your business grows and changes.


And the nature of your challenges, questions and what is required of you to move forward change as well.

When you are new in business you have different hurdles to take than you do when you move out of this start-up phase and move forward to growing your business.

And when you grow out of that phase, there are again new and different things to think about and act upon.


This will never end.

Feeling uncomfortable and initially dreading what’s new and yet unknown to you is part of the process of growing and having a business. It’s part of life.


Every level has a new devil, and you can only grow and move forward if you are willing to face this, and find a way to move forward despite it.

(TIP: thinking about your devils and writing them down often diminishes the hold they have on you immediately…)


So how do you know if you are subconsciously resisting to change and to move forward to the next level?

These are 3 possible signs of (subconsciously) resisting change or growth:


#1 You feel restless, irritated and/or uncomfortable

You feel like you chase your own tail. You find it harder to concentrate. You experience less joy in the things you do. You feel irritated, bored, and restless.

And no matter what you do, there’s always something nagging in the back of your mind…


#2 Deep down you know what to do, or at least know you should be doing something, but somehow you’re not doing it…

You procrastinate. You keep yourself busy but with what exactly? You avoid taking action and put yourself on hold.

You tell yourself there are good reasons to wait: you need more time / you need more money / something else needs to be done or solved first – but you’re not really sure what that ‘something’ is…


#3 You can’t seem to move forward, no matter what you do or try 

You take action. You have a plan. You have a vision. You’re doing everything you can and should do.

But nothing changes.

You seem to stay exactly where you are, and you don’t have a clue about how you can change this.


Do you recognize one or more of these signs? 

Then you’re definitely stuck. And probably because there’s something about that new level that doesn’t feel okay yet.


If you want to break through that, it’s time to look that devil into its face.

(and trust me – when you look at him up close, he’s never as scary as you thought he was 😉


Here’s how you do that:


Answer the following questions truthfully and write down everything that comes up:

#1: What do you think you have to do reach the next level of your business?

#2: What do you think you have to let go or give up to get there (that you’re not willing to sacrifice)?

#3: What’s the benefit of staying were you are and not moving forward?


Take your time to write down your answers.

The things that come up may seem irrational or illogical.

Just keep writing until you feel you’re at the core of your concerns.


Take a deep breath and then:

Read everything you wrote down while you keep on breathing as deep and slow as you can. Keep breathing. And keep reading.


Keep doing this untill you feel something shift (if this hasn’t already happened while you were writing in the first place).


Are you curious to find out what your new next level looks like and what you are capable of once you move forward?

Get ready to surprise and amaze yourself! 🙂


© 2012 Brigitte van Tuijl



P.S.: Ready to break through to the next level of the dream and vision you have for your business & life?

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You don’t have to.

In fact, the KEY to unlock your full potential AND grow your impact & business, too is this:

To be true to YOU in everything you do.

To be ALL of who you are in EVERY area of your business & life.

To do EVERYTHING on your terms and your own way – regardless of what the business ‘gurus’ tell you. Regardless of what everyone around you is doing. Regardless of what you think is possible for you or even at all!

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