A question my clients often ask me is how I knew a MAXIMUM of 4 appointments per week is what I need to be happy & thrive.

(I uncovered this a couple of years ago when I turned myself from a Crappy Hermit into a Happy Hermit.)

The answer is very simple, and when I tell my clients how I knew, they immediately start using this tool themselves as well.

I STILL use this as a guideline to make sure I stay true to MY path, and don’t get distracted by how others do business.

I call this simple tool:

The bellyache-test.


Here’s how I used it to determine what the MAXIMUM number of weekly appointments was that felt good to me:

I looked at a blank page in my schedule, and imagined there were 8 appointments in it. Every week.

And I carefully observed what happened inside me.

This happened: I immediately felt my belly contract.

I felt slightly nauseous.

Then, I imagined that there were 6 appointments in my schedule.

Result: I still had a bellyache.

I brought it down to 5 appointments. Nothing changed.

Then finally brought it down to 4.




The knot in my stomach dissolved. It felt like my whole body relaxed and opened up. I felt more spacious in my own skin.


This is how your body tells you what IS and what is NOT for you ALWAYS.


This is how you can tell the difference between your intuition and your fear talking (another question all my clients ask me sooner or later: how to tell the difference.)

This is how you know something is right for YOU, or absolutely not.

This is how you recognize YOUR deepest truth, regardless of what’s true and works for other people.


Your truth, your intuition, ANYTHING that’s right for and aligned with you, always makes you feel more spacious.

It feels like something opens up, it feels lighter, and suddenly there seems to be more room inside you. IF ONLY FOR A SPLIT SECOND.


Your fear, your doubt, ANYTHING that’s not true for and aligned with you, always makes you feel more restricted.

It feels like something contracts, cramps up, gets smaller, and closes down.

It feels darker, closed up, and suddenly there seems to be less space inside you. IF ONLY FOR A SPLIT SECOND.


This is how you can always tell without fail:

  • If that coach is right for you or not;
  • If you should sign up for this program or not;
  • If the price for your program is just right or should go up or down;
  • Who is your ideal client, and who is NOT;
  • If you should go to that party or not;
  • If a certain marketing tool is right for you or not;
  • If WHATEVER action you’re about to take is what’s best for you NOW;
  • If ANY strategy, tool, structure, plan, tactic, person, invitation, opportunity, ANYTHING AT ALL is a 100% YES or a 100% NO for you. (And maybe? Is no for now.)


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Try it for yourself.

Use it to find out what YOUR ideal weekly schedule is.

What you most want to spend your time on. Who you most want to work with. What matters to you, and what doesn’t.


Regardless of what others think, feel, say or do.

Regardless of what works for others.

Regardless of what’s true for others.

You’re not other people. You’re YOU.

And the only thing that works for YOU is what works for YOU.

This bellyache-test will ALWAYS tell you what that is.


Try it and let me know how it goes! You can post it in the comments below.


© Brigitte van Tuijl



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