One of the things I feared before I started my business, was if I’d be disciplined enough to be my own boss.

I worried I’d read books and watch TV all day. And let the days slip through my fingers and never get enough done.

I wasn’t sure how to become more disciplined, but figured I’d work it out as I went along.


I figured it out indeed.

But in a different way than I thought.

I figured out that:

#1 I was more disciplined than I thought I was, and

#2 I didn’t need discipline.


And over the years, in working with tons of clients, I learned that this wasn’t just true for me.

It’s true for everyone.


No one needs discipline. Ever.

You only need discipline to:

  • Do things that aren’t aligned with you.
  • Force yourself to do things you hate or strongly dislike.


Discipline is an outside motivator that is totally disconnected from your passion, your inner drive, your heart and your soul.

It’s directly related to pushing, forcing, fighting, struggling and being super hard on yourself.

It’s connected to putting guilt trips on yourself, blaming & shaming yourself, being tough & needing shitloads of RAH RAH RAH RAH motivational bullshit.


And if for ONE moment you forget to push, strive, force, or bully yourself into doing what you Think. Must. Be. Done. No. Matter. What., nothing gets done at all.

Which is perfectly natural and logical.

The moment you stop pushing and forcing is the moment you finally connect to your inner needs, wants, and drive again.

And the thing you most likely need after all that pushing, is some goddamn peace, quiet, rest, and nothingness.


Yes, OF COURSE you need to DO things and take action to get what you want.

Yes, to manifest or achieve ANYTHING you sometimes have to do things you’d rather not do.

Yes, stretching and growing often makes you feel super uncomfortable and trigger a deep desire to go to bed and hide under the covers – instead of doing that thing you know you HAVE to do to move forward.


But DISCIPLINE is NOT what you need to get through these moments.


What you need instead is an inner drive and desire SO deep, that you CHOOSE to act despite not feeling like it or being scared shitless.

What you need is to be so super clear on what you want and WHY you want it, so that all else falls away.

Because your desire is bigger than your fear.

Bigger than feeling uncomfortable. And bigger than wanting to do nothing and hide under the covers.


If you think you need more discipline, here’s what you need to ask yourself instead:


  • Am I living the life I TRULY want to live?


  • Am I doing the things I MOST LOVE to do?


  • Am I living a life of meaning, and doing work that fulfills me?


  • Is my business a true reflection of my purpose, my mission, of ME – and of everything I stand for and believe in?


Chances are, your answer to one or more of these questions is a big fat NO.


What you need now is NOT more discipline so you can force yourself to do things you don’t want in ways you don’t like with people you’re not really interested in.


What you need is to figure out what makes your life and business a FUCK YES!!!

And start LIVING that yes, every single day.

Do that, and you’ll NEVER need any discipline ever again.

Because you’ll be naturally inclined to do whatever it takes to achieve whatever you want.

And you’ll end up the most disciplined version of yourself without ever pushing, forcing, or guilting yourself into doing anything.


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