Before I share it with you, let’s first make sure if & when you should be clear on this one thing:

  • If you want your business to make a difference (regardless of the number of people you want to reach);
  • If you want your business to generate a decent living (regardless of how much money you want to make exactly), and
  • If you want to feel happy & fulfilled in your business.

If this is what you want, here’s what you need to be clear on: Your Big Why.

Which is also known as your purpose; your calling; or the thing you’re born, meant or destined to do.

What people often ask me is this:

Does everyone have a purpose?

And the answer is: YES!!!

EVERY living thing on this planet has its own unique purpose. Every animal, plant, tree, amoeba, bacteria, cell, EVERYTHING has its very own purpose.

And EVERY living thing lives in alignment with this purpose – besides humans, that is.

Lots of humans don’t live their purpose. (Maybe even most of them….. My work is definitely not done yet 😉

Orange trees grow oranges. They don’t long to grow pears and they don’t even try. They’re perfectly equipped to grow oranges, and that’s what they do.

Humans are the only form of life on planet earth who DO try to be something they’re not.

Which makes them feel unhappy, unfulfilled, empty, and wondering if this is really all there is.

YES, you have a purpose.

YES you’re born with it, and YES, your business needs to be in complete alignment with it.


Here’s why this is important:

Your Big Why is your main drive and motivator.

It helps you move forward when times are tough.

It’s what you LOVE to do – which makes it so much easier to make money with it.

Sure, you can make money in lots of different ways. I know this from experience: I’ve had lots of different jobs before I found my calling and turned it into a business.

All these jobs made me money. But none of them made me happy – and the work I did always felt totally meaningless and completely empty to me.

I can still make money in different ways, offering coaching for all different kinds of problems and issues.

But I’ll never be able to excel at anything that’s not in alignment with my purpose – and I won’t love doing it either.

And I know the same is true for everyone else – including you.

Your purpose also attracts your ideal clients to you.

Your ideal clients resonate with it.

They love what you do because they connect to your Big Why – it speaks to them, and makes them feel and believe that you are the go-to person for their particular question or problem.


And finally, your purpose helps you stand out.

As I mentioned before, you can make money offering many different things in your business:

Any decent coach can help people with at least 15 different problems.

Any decent graphic designer can design almost anything for almost everyone in all branches.

Any decent journalist can write about any topic for any kind of magazine.

But you will never become an expert in your field if you try to be everything to everyone.

You will never stand out. And no one will ever know why & when they should come to you, instead of go to someone else.

Knowing your purpose is an important factor in standing out. (There are other elements you need to be clear on as well – but knowing your purpose is a great start.)

This makes it so much easier to find your clients – and it makes it so much easier for your ideal clients to find you as well!


Do YOU know your purpose?


If not, start uncovering it.

Follow your intuition, your passion, and everything you deeply love to do – this will lead you straight to it. It’ll give you clues to find your purpose – and sometimes even a clear understanding of it.

Once you know your purpose, you can start aligning every aspect of your business with it:

Your mission, every program and service you offer, and how you market your business.

You’ll feel more fulfilled AND get better results in your business as a result of this alignment!


© Brigitte van Tuijl

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