Some say you must do video these days, or you can’t grow your business.

Others say you don’t need that.

Some say you must have a 5-year plan for your business.

Others say it doesn’t matter. 

Some say you can’t swear on a sales page.

Others say that’s perfectly OK.

So who’s right?


ALL of them.

And NONE of them.

Each of these statements is true for some people.

Each of these statements is not true for others.

And there are dozens of variations on each of these statements that are ALSO true for some people, and not for others.


The bottom line is this:

Each of us has her own truth.

And the only truth that works for YOU is YOUR own truth.

The truth that is aligned with your soul.

The truth that is aligned with your personality. Your character. Your talents, values, beliefs and style.

If you stick to that truth, your business will thrive AND fulfill you.

If you don’t, your business won’t thrive nor fulfill you.

Or it will, but then WON’T make you happy either.


It never matters what’s true for someone else.

For you, the only thing that matters is what’s true for YOU.

And this includes what you dream of, and how ‘big’ or ‘small’ you allow yourself to dream.

Stop striving for a super leveraged, 6-figure business, if all you really want is help some clients and make some money, and you have NO interest AT ALL in all that grow-your-business-and-strive-for-success-stuff.

And DO strive for an empire if that’s what you truly want – no matter what others (or even you) think about that.

Be honest about your needs, wants, dreams and desires.

Know yourself, so you can get to know your deepest truth.

Listen to your intuition, because that ALWAYS tells you what YOUR truth, path and right direction is.

Allow yourself to fully listen to whatever your dreams, body, and gut tell you.

And then, allow yourself to LIVE UP to it, in your business and life, with everything you’ve got – and to never settle for less.

Because this is the ONLY way to feel good about yourself, your life and your business, and to be of service to others without burning yourself up.


If you don’t know what your deepest truth, needs, wants, and dreams are: make it your #1 priority to find out.

And once you know, stick to it like nobody’s business.

‘Cause that’s EXACTLY what YOUR truth is: nobody else’s business.


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