So many people are waiting for some day to finally do whatever it is they dream about.

You may be doing that right now.

Maybe you tell yourself that some day, you’ll write a book.

Some day, you’ll start your business, hire your first assistant, or build an empire.

We all know these type of some day-dreams.

Including me.

And what all of them have in common is this:

If you keep waiting for it to magically happen, you’ll still be waiting 100 years from now.

If there’s something you truly want, you have to stop waiting for it. And start making it happen TODAY.

Nothing changes until you do. I know this from my own experience, as well as from coaching my clients for over 13 years now.


And yes, I’ve been some-day girl myself a number of times:

When I was job-hopping from one job to the next, hoping that would some day bring me meaningful and fulfilling work.

(Until one day I realized that would never happen, and I hired a career coach to help me figure out what I truly wanted to do with my life.)

When I figured out that I wanted to start my own business, finished my training as a life- and career coach, and then waited until I’d saved enough money & found some clients – so I’d feel secure enough to quit my job and start my business for real.

(Until after 2 years I still hadn’t saved any money and still didn’t have any clients, and I decided to stop waiting and just quit my job and take the leap.)


I took many more leaps, big and small, over the years.

Sometimes I leapt into something new immediately, and sometimes it took me a while.

But in the end, I ALWAYS took it. And I ALWAYS will.

Because I know that if I keep waiting, it will never happen.

And I value my life, my calling and my dreams too much to keep waiting until it’s too late.

These 3 questions help me do that.

I hope they help you, too.


#1 Ask yourself: what will you do differently.

This is the question that made me quit my job and start my business, when after a year and a half I STILL hadn’t saved any money or found some clients.

What I do differently from now on, so that I WILL save money, get clients, and feel secure enough to quit my job?

I didn’t have an answer to that question…which made it REALLY clear to me that nothing would change until I changed first.

(And I decided to take the leap and quit my job. Which I immediately did.)


#2 Ask yourself: what do you want to look back on:

A life risk-free life where you never even tried to manifest your dream? And then die wondering what could have been if only you tried?

Or a life well lived, without regrets, where maybe you failed at something, but at least you tried?

And, as a bonus, accomplished and experienced things you NEVER would have thought you were able to do?


#3 Ask yourself: what do you choose as the foundation for your life:

Your dreams, calling and purpose? Or your fears, doubts and worries?

It’s one or the other, baby….


Please don’t take your dreams, your calling, yourself, or your LIFE for granted.

Don’t spend your life waiting for some day, when you feel ready enough to take the leap out of your comfort zone and into your dream.

That day will never come.

It will always be scary.

So you might as well go for it today 😉

Happy leaping!




P.S.: Does your dream feel super scary?

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