“Who am I to dream this big?”

“Is this just my ego talking?”

“What will people think when they hear about this?!”

These are some of the doubts & fears that get triggered when you connect to your deepest, secret dream you have for your business.

These thoughts are NOT a sign to stop and stay safely where you are.

These thoughts are a sign that you’re onto what you TRULY want.

They’re a sign that this is what you’re born to do.

It’s the first sign that you’re onto your TRUE, big business vision:

It triggers a shitload of doubts.

It scares you AT LEAST as much as it excites you.

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Here’s the second sign:

This dream keeps coming back. Some of my clients told me they’ve had this dream for years, and it kept coming back.

Some even had their dream ever since they were a kid. It wasn’t always clear what that dream looked like then, but they DID always have this feeling of being destined to do something significant in the world.

Maybe you recognize this, too.

Although most women don’t easily admit to this.

It can feel arrogant to say you always (or even once or twice) felt that you’re born to do something big in the world.

I sure have. I felt this several times. Just a quick flash that disappeared as soon as it arrived.

And I was never sure what it looked like, what I’d be doing, or how ‘big’ or ‘significant’ it would be.

But I felt it.

And in my experience, 99,9% of all driven women with a desire to leave their mark on the world, felt this too.

Allow yourself to feel this. You don’t have to write it on your blog like I’m doing now 😉

But the least you can do is be honest with yourself about what it is you TRULY dream of and feel destined for.

Even when you don’t know what it looks like yet or how you can ever achieve it.


And a third sign that tells you that you’re onto your big business vision & purpose:

You get emotional when you connect to it.

When you think about making your contribution, how that helps heal the world and serves the greater good, you feel emotional.

It feels right. It feels humble, and logic, and natural. It makes sense.

You just KNOW this is what you’re truly born for.

Just like you knew when you met your partner that (s)he is the one. Just like you knew when you first set foot in your house, that this was your home.

Just like you knew that you wanted a child. Or knew that you didn’t. (Like me.)


It’s all too easy to dismiss these 3 signs and then THINK that you don’t know your purpose or big vision.

You think yourself out of it.

You go around your fear, and suppress it.

You don’t want to be arrogant or pompous, so you quickly dismiss any feeling that you’re destined for greatness, or making a big difference.

And you think that something that feels so natural and right can’t possibly be your purpose: shouldn’t that be something Super Special that one day is delivered by heralding angels who descend from the heavens to Bring You Your Purpose?

Fuck no.

You’re born with it.

It’s in your genes, your being, your soul, your DNA, your bones, your blood.

Stop suppressing it. Start living it.

Despite your fear.

Despite feeling arrogant.

And despite feeling like it should be More Special and Breathtakingly Unique.

Go for your true, big purpose & vision, babe!

The world needs it.

And you need it too – you’ll never feel truly fulfilled until you truly honor AND LIVE it.



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