One of my clients was about to take a Big Leap in her business.

And she asked me how I took my Big Leap of completely building a new business for a new audience with new services & products in a new language

(from Dutch career coaching business to global business coaching business back in 2011/2012.)

She specifically wanted to know how I dealt with the fears and doubts that leap triggered.

Here’s how I did:

I didn’t.

At first.

When I first felt the dream to serve millions of women worldwide, and build an inspiration & information empire, two things happened in a nanosecond:


#1: I felt surprised and excited: where the hell did THAT come from?!

IMMEDIATELY followed by:



That’s too big, too scary, that’s not me, I can never do that!

It simply fucking can’t be! I’m a hermit! I hate traveling!

I hate whatever it is you have to do to work globally! I don’t even know what that would be but I hate it already!

It’s too much!


DOWN dream! DOWN!

And I buried it.


I buried that bitch of a dream SO deep that for almost 2 years, I even forgot I had it.


I kept doing what I did: career coaching.

Yes, that was getting kind of boring already.


So I came up with new ideas to spice things up:

I created new group programs, created online programs, and then turned them into products.

Which kept me busy.

And I liked it.



It never made up for the TRUTH that was underneath my desire for change:

It was time to move on. I was called to the next level.


My purpose was calling me to move forward: first phases completed.

Your next phase is waiting!

And after a year or 2, I could no longer ignore that fact.


By then, I was bored out of my MIND with career coaching.

The mere thought of having to address another ‘But how can I be sure this is what I truly want to do with my life and my work? What if I make the wrong decision?!’

made me want to scream & shout & throw something in the face of the unlucky bastard who had the fucking nerve to ask me That. Same. Fucking. Question. A-FUCKING-gain.


Sidenote tip:


If this is how YOU feel about YOUR work right now, it MIGHT be time for some change in your business as well.


Just saying, babe, feel free to draw your own conclusions.


Anyhow, back to the issue at hand.


How DID I eventually take my Big Leap after all?

This helped:

#1 The being absolutely bored out of my fucking mind with career coaching.

#2 The pent up frustration from that boredom.

#3 The dream would not go away.


So I finally accepted the truth: this WAS my calling. This WAS my purpose.

It wasn’t just an ego-driven desire for success.


It’s what I’m born to do.


And THEN, when I connected to how it made me feel to contribute, serve, and make a difference on a much bigger scale….

It felt SO good. SO right.

I just KNEW in my bones this was my path. My purpose. My destiny.

I fully accepted and embraced my calling.

I chose to GO for it.

I decided to DO it.

I committed to do whatever it took to make it work.


And I took the leap.

Made a clean break.

Stopped working in Dutch, switched audiences, programs and services in one big swoop and never looked back.


I never had a plan B. (I don’t believe in those anyway.)

I was ALL IN, and trusted that it WOULD work.

And why would it not, given that I did whatever it took to MAKE it work?

Both the inner AND the outer work?


But most importantly:

I KNEW this is what I’m born to do.






IF you DO THE WORK, of course.


But if you actually DO that?




And this, dear reader, is how it works for YOU too.

How you too can take a Big Leap:

Get clear on your dream. You TRUE calling.

Allow yourself to fully DREAM it, without watering down your calling before you even connect to how big or bold it REALLY is.


Then, embrace your dream.

Own it. Claim it. It’s YOURS. Take a stand for it.


DECIDE you will GO for it.

Give it your ALL.

Do the inner work.

The outer work.

And never look back.


You can, of course, wait it out a while longer. Like I did.

To see if that big dream goes away so you don’t have to take that big leap.

But trust me:

If this is what you’re born to do, it WON’T go away.

Your calling keeps calling until you answer, baby.


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Why not answer today?!




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