This Monday morning, I sat down to do the same thing I’ve been doing each Monday for years now:

Set 1-3 goals for the week based on my monthly goals.

This worked wonders for me for years.

It helped me stay focused on my purpose and goals.

It helped me quickly & successfully transform my Dutch career coaching business into a global business coaching business in a VERY short period of time in 2012.

It helped me grow and transform for ages.


Until now.

When I wrote down my first weekly goal, I felt MASSIVE resistance come up.

So I dove in and explored what was going on:

What was I scared of? What got triggered? What was I resisting?


After some journaling it was crystal clear:

Setting these weekly goals no longer serves me.

Just like it no longer serves me to create business plans.


What works best for me instead, is to grow my business intuitively:

To tap into, trust, and act upon my intuition more than I’ve ever done before.

To let my intuition show me the way to manifest all my goals and the big vision I have for my business on a daily basis.

To allow my calling, my purpose, my soul, to lead me.

To have a daily chat with my spirit guides and spiritual team.

And to act upon their soul driven guidance more than I’ve EVER done before.

Because I KNOW that for me, acting upon intuition and soul-based inspiration is the BEST way to manifest my goals and fulfill my purpose.


I still kept setting weekly goals, though.

Force of habit.

But this morning, I realized it doesn’t serve me anymore.

Unconsciously, the main reason I kept setting weekly goals was that:

I still didn’t FULLY trust that I REALLY don’t need to know the HOW to manifest anything ever – even though I KNOW my only job is to focus on the WHAT and the WHY, and to leave the HOW up to the universe.


Sure, I’ve been trusting and living up to this more and more over the years.

And I listen to my intuition and guidance more than most people I know.

AND: there’s always a next level to step into.

A next level to stretch into.

A new level of experience and mastery to grow into.


And that’s where I’m at right now.

My old way of setting weekly goals is no longer working for me.

And I let go of it this morning.

Letting my intuition, soul, spirit guides & spiritual team guide me on a daily basis (and then TAKE the inspired actions I know I have to take – ALL of them, including the ones that scare me or trigger any mental or emotional crap), is what works for me now.

So that’s what I’m FULLY stepping into.

If and when what works best for me changes, I’ll be the first to know.

And I trust myself to recognize it if and when that moment comes.

And I know that I will act upon it if and when it does.


Over to you now:

What are YOU still doing that no longer works for you?

(If it ever worked for you at all…)

Which behavior, actions, structures or habits no longer support who you are TODAY, and what you’re working towards right now?

Take a good, close look at it.

You’re not the same person you were one year ago.

What worked for you then is not necessarily what works for you now.

Think about it. Feel into it. Journal on it. Ask your intuition to help you clarify this, and LISTEN to its answers.


What’s no longer working for and serving YOU?

What works better for you instead?

And then implement the answers you receive.

You’ll feel better. And get better results with SO much more ease.




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