This weekend, I was tired.


And temporarily peopled out.


Because I made more appointments last week than is good for me.

Yes, every appointment felt good. Yes, I enjoyed every one of them.

And yes, even when I enjoy every appointment I make, it STILL drains me and makes me cranky if I have more than 4 appointments in a week.

Because I’ve been too action-oriented last week.

Yes, you have to take action. Of course. BUT. Inspired actions only. And if that inspired action is to take a nap, or a walk, then THAT’S what you have to do.

I ignored that a couple of times last week.

Because I felt rushed and pressed for time as a result of too many appointments.

And lost touch with my own, natural pace as a result of THAT.

I need lots of alone time to recharge, ponder, reflect and just BE.

I need lots of time and space on my own, period.

And when I don’t honor that need, I get tired, cranky, and temporarily peopled out.

Thankfully, I KNOW exactly what I need.

I KNOW my pace.

And in general, am pretty true to it 😉

So the weekend was enough to fully recover and recharge again.


I relearned a lesson I thought I had fully integrated already:

To ALWAYS be 100% true to my own rhythm. My own pace.

And to NOT let anything or anyone distract me from that.

Not even people I love.

Not even things I enjoy doing.

The price is simply too high when I do.

And I value my happiness, peace of mind and general state of well-being too much to let that happen.


How about you?

Do YOU know your ideal rhythm and pace?

Do YOU know exactly what you need to feel happy, at peace, and content?

Do YOU know exactly what drains you, how to prevent that, and how to recharge if you temporarily lose touch with your needs?

And if you KNOW all this:

Do you honor it?

Did you build your business, your life, and your schedule around your absolutely non-negotiable needs?

If not, please take some time to think this over.

To figure out what your non-negotiable needs ARE.

And to implement them relentlessly once you do.

You will thrive as a result.

And your business as well!




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