Here’s some of what I wrote in my journal this morning.

It’s what came up within a minute after I started writing out my big vision picture and the goals I have for my business:


  • I don’t believe I can do it. (I’ve never done this before, so why would it work out now?)
  • I don’t see HOW I can do it.
  • I cramp up inside and don’t know how to let go of that.  

OH, and SOMETHING FRUSTRATING that I allow to get in my way:

I see how I am SO MUCH FURTHER ALONG and SO MUCH BETTER AT SO MANY THINGS than so many others:

  • In mindset work (with myself AND as a coach);
  • As a coach;
  • In being true to ME in my business;
  • As a writer.



About 15 minutes after wrote this in my journal, I had a coaching call with one of my 1-1 clients.

She has a big dream for her business and goals she wants to manifest, too.

And today, she was struggling with all kinds of doubts.

I told her that doubts showing up is part of manifesting ANY big goal or dream that really matters to you.

And I told her I have this too, and shared what I wrote in my journal with her.

When I finished reading it, it was quiet for a couple of seconds.


And then she said:

“OMG! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking myself! It’s the same!”

Of course it’s the same, I told her.


These are typical doubts that come up for 100% of all women entrepreneurs who are manifesting their (big) vision for their business.

These are the doubts that come up every time you stretch yourself into new territory.

And if, like me, you love to learn, grow, explore new territory and constantly stretch yourself, this is what comes up every time on a VERY regular basis.

Almost daily.


And watching others do things YOU’D like to do, and wonder why the hell THEY’RE getting great results and you’re not yet even though you KNOW you’re better at what you do than they are?!


OR watching others soar and then conclude that they must have or know something you don’t, and it’s just not within your reach or your destiny to ever get that as well?!


THAT’S normal too.

There’s nothing unique or original about any of these doubts, thoughts and fears.

There’s nothing special about it, and you’re NOT the only one having them.

We ALL have them.


ALL doubts and fears boil down to a couple of things:

Can I really DO this?

Am I worthy / allowed to HAVE it?

HOW can I do this? I don’t know!

What if I get it and I lose it again?

What if maintaining it once you get it is too difficult, or the price is too high?

Is it safe / am I worthy / will I ever get there / what if I fail / what if I succeed / I don’t have the time the money the energy the knowledge the expertise the right age the right looks the supporting partner the old enough kids etc. etc. etc.


Everyone has the same type of doubts and fears. I’m no exception. And neither are you. 

And the ONLY difference between women who manifest their big vision and reach their goals, and those who do not, is that the women who manifest their goals CHOOSE TO NOT LET THOSE DOUBTS STOP THEM.

They keep going DESPITE their fears and doubts.


And THAT is the ONLY thing that separates the achievers from the dreamers.

Here’s what you might think now:


Possible reaction #1:

Well, that’s easy for YOU to say!

I have different doubts and very specific reasons why I REALLY can’t move forward! It’s impossible for me! I really have to deal with this that or the other before I can do this that or whatever else I say I want!


To that I say:


Forget about what you CAN’T do and DON’T have, and focus on what you CAN do and DO have.

Start with that, and take it from there, step by step, day by day.

(Which is how ANYTHING gets created and manifested and achieved ALWAYS!!!)


Possible reaction #2:

Well, OK, you obnoxious know-it-all Van Tuijl, tell me this: HOW do you do that?! Huh? Tell me!


To that I say:

Here goes:


  1. Focus on what you want to do, achieve, experience or feel. Focus on a goal, vision, or dream. Big or small. Focus on ANYTHING at all you want.
  2. Ask yourself what you can do TODAY and what is something you can do EVERY DAY to bring you closer to that goal.
  3. DO THAT.


And when any fears or doubts come up – and they WILL:

Look them in the eyes. Write them in your journal. Ask yourself additional questions:


  • Do I really believe this is true, without a single doubt?
  • What’s more important to me: hanging on to my doubts and fears and staying where I’m at forever and always? OR manifesting my goal? Or at least GO for it?
  • What if I CAN do this?
  • What if it DOES work out?
  • How would that make me feel?


Keep writing and asking yourself questions like these, and when your energy shifts (which it ALWAYS does if you just keep at it!!!), you TAKE THAT ACTION.


There IS no magic pill, secret, or any other way than this.

Are there additional tools and skills and mindset work and energy work and healing and strategies and knowledge that HELP with this?



And then it STILL keeps boiling down to this:

Focus on what you want. And take the actions you KNOW will get you closer to your goals.

And you either do that, or you don’t.

Which determines if you either reach your goal, or you don’t.


So who do you want to be:

The woman who reaches her goal?

Or the one who doesn’t?


You choose.

Take a step that brings you closer to your goals TODAY.

Do the same tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

Write down your fears and doubts and journal on them using the questions I gave you above.

Keep going, keep taking action, keep moving forward despite your fears.

You’ve got this!!


xx Brigitte


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