Here’s what I see all the time: women who have SUCH a powerful message to share, who don’t share it.

Or who tone it down.

Because they’re afraid to rock the boat, sound arrogant, aren’t sure if they’re capable to ever live up to their message & purpose, are afraid to be visible or scared to stand out.

Or all of these and then some.

Been there, done that myself, too.

BUT here’s the thing:

You have that message for a reason.

OH, and by the way, before you think ‘But Brigitte, I don’t really have a message’: THINK AGAIN. You do.

If you have something, anything, you want to contribute to and make a difference in: you have a message.

If you started your business because you want to help people and help make this world a better place for all: you have a message.

If you have strong opinions or topics that fire you up, and make you go off on a rant: you have a message.

Back to that reason, now.

Here’s what I believe with all my heart and soul:

You were born for a reason.

You are part of the whole and are born with a very specific thing to contribute to here on planet earth right now.

And when you’re an entrepreneur, you’re living and sharing that thing that contributes to the whole, to all of us, through your business.

And that thing you’re here to share, that thing that makes a difference, is your purpose.

It’s what lights you up.

It’s what you LOVE and care about so deeply that if you really allow yourself to feel into it, it makes you feel emotional and cry.

It’s the thing you have something to say about, to share about, to let others know about.


And then… don’t.

You tell your fired up story and share your deep, vulnerable, powerful, raw and honest truth, opinions and views with your closest friends, your clients once you work with them, and in places where you are SURE you are amongst likeminded people.

But SPEAKING about it, openly, on your blog, in your newsletter, on your website?

No. Too scary. God only knows what could happen if you start doing THAT.

People might hate you, abandon you, criticize you, disagree with you, or attack you.

Or – and you’re not sure what’s scarier – they might LOVE you.

Might want MORE of you.

Might want to follow you online, work with you and, god forbid, maybe even EXPECT things from you.

That you then have to live up to. And you’re not sure if you can. Or if you want that responsibility.

(And for the record? That is NOT your responsibility. YOUR expectations are YOUR OWN responsibility. Other people’s expectations are THEIR OWN responsibility.)


So, you tone your message down.

You don’t voice your opinions. And if by accident you get fired up while writing an article, you edit it out later.

Can’t show you true colors, your real power, your deepest truth.

For all the reasons above and then some.


And here is why you SHOULD share it:

Because your voice needs to be heard. Because your message, your purpose, is needed.

Because it matters.

And because YOU matter.

YOU matter.

That’s why you were born.


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YOU matter. YOU make a difference. By being YOU.


You make your difference by being all of you, sharing the full depth of your message and voice and opinion – in your personal life, and through your business.

Through your marketing. In every breath you take.

Like a rose is meant to be a rose, and all it has to do to fulfill its purpose is to simply BE that rose, so are you meant to be YOU.

And all you have to do to fulfill YOUR purpose is simply be YOU.


The unfiltered, uncensored, unwatered down version of you.

The TRUE you, in all your glory and power and imperfections and vulnerability.

Because THAT is how YOU contribute to this world.

How you make a difference one person, one blog post, one article, one program, one client at a time.

You have a role to play in the healing of this planet, this earth, mankind, your neighborhood, your family, the city you live in.

Speak your deepest truth

And you most fully contribute to that by sharing YOUR DEEPEST MESSAGE AND TRUTH – the one you were born to share.

It doesn’t matter if your deepest message is about helping people relax and enjoy life, or if you have something to say about childcare, medicine, how we treat the environment, or elderly and sick people: your. message. matters.

Your truth deserves to be heard.

And YOU deserve to feel free enough to express it.

And yes, I know it can be scary to do that.

But do it anyway.

It will feel SO liberating.

It will make it easier for your audience –  the ones your message is meant for! – to find you.

You will automatically stand out more. Make a bigger difference. And have more impact.

So share it. Speak it. Even more than you already do.


© Brigitte van Tuijl

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