I didn’t intend for this copy to become a blog post.

It’s copy I wrote for an email to promote my program Business Magic.


When I read it again, I realized it’s a message women entrepreneurs need to hear and TAKE TO HEART.

So read it.

I don’t care if you decide to join my program or not.

This message is about something bigger. Something more important.

Something that can TRULY make a HUGE difference if you LET. IT. SINK. IN.

And if after you read it, you feel like joining me in Business Magic: welcome!

If not: perfect!

I hope you take this message to heart either way, and it empowers you, and it invites you to step it up in your business.

I fully trust you’ll know what’s best for you 😉

So here’s that copy & message from the email I sent this morning:


The ONLY thing you EVER need is this:

100% trust in YOURSELF.

Think about it.


What would change in your business & life if you FULLY trusted you:

  • Are fully capable to handle everything that comes your way;
  • Can trust yourself to make the best decisions, and always know what’s best for you;
  • Will always achieve your goals & manifest what you want, because you KNOW you have what it takes to make your dreams come true.


Seriously. Let that sink in for a minute.


Would you still feel overwhelmed if you trusted you knew exactly what you need to focus on first?

Would you still find it hard to decide which business strategy is best for you, if you trusted you ALWAYS knew what’s best for YOU (regardless of what others think?)

Would you still worry about anything if you believed you had the power & potential to not only deal with whatever happens, but make the best of it, too?


The answer is: NO. You wouldn’t.


Imagine the energy you save when you no longer worry about all of this (and all the other things that keep you up at night).

Imagine what you could use that energy for instead.

Imagine how much better you’d feel. And how your business would thrive.

ALL of this is within your reach RIGHT NOW.

If you learn to:

  • Tap into your intuition at will (no need to ‘wait’ until your intuition just shows up – you have FULL control of it!) and consciously use it to guide you in business & life;
  • Train & strengthen your intuition, and ACT upon it in every aspect of your business (including marketing & sales!);
  • Listen to your soul, connect with your spiritual team, and leverage the powers of the universe.



That’s exactly what you learn in my program Business Magic.

You can read all about & sign up for it here.


And again, whether you join me or not: take this message to heart.

It can change your business. And it can change your life.


P.S.: Learning to fully trust yourself is ALSO this month’s theme in my online business healing program RISE.

I created RISE to help women entrepreneurs clear & heal their inner blocks & obstacles – which are the ONLY thing that stand in the way between you and the business & life you dream of. 

In RISE, you get you the tools, clearings, (healing) energy, mindset & exercises to transform and shift your inner crap, so it no longer holds you back.

AND as an EXTRA bonus, you get FREE access to my upcoming workshop ‘No Goals, No Plans, No Soul-Sucking Strategies – grow your business organically, intuitively & 100% YOUR way.’

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You can join RISE for 88 Euros per month; stay as long as you like, and cancel anytime)

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