The only thing standing between you and manifesting what you want, is YOU.

And the only reason you get in your own way, is FEAR.

Fear that you’re not good enough, not worthy enough, not capable enough.

Fear of visibility, of failing, or of succeeding.

Fear that you’ll lose what you’ve worked for the moment you have it.

Fear that it’s not safe to get what you want, or you’re simply not able to have it at all.

Ring any bells yet? 😉


When confronted with fear, most people fall back on one of these strategies:


They avoid it.

By giving up on their dream before they even get started.

By lowering their expectations and settling for less than they truly dream of.

Or by giving up somewhere along the way.


They ignore or deny it.

They pretend it’s not there.

They make up excuses for quitting so they don’t have to face their fears.

But it IS there. And it DOES influence their actions and results.


They fight or resist it.

Which never works. What you resist, persists.

What you fight, you feed – and it only grows bigger.


None of these strategies work.

What DOES work, is to transcend your fears.

Does this mean they go away completely?

Not always. They can still be there.

It’s like you look at them from a bird’s perspective:

When you look down, you see every possible obstacle that would be in your way if you were walking on the earth.

But you’re soaring above it. So you’re free to move on.


Here are 3 things that help you transcend your fears.

Use one or ALL of them.

And then GO do that thing you fear, GO for that dream, GO for that big goal.


#1 Shift your focus to your purpose.

Your big WHY. The reason you want what you want, and why it so deeply matters to you.

What IS the purpose and vision you have for your business & life?

Write it down. Connect & commit to it EVERY day.

What is it that makes your life worth living?

What is it that makes your business, your work in the world, feel meaningful to you?

What makes you feel like you’re living up to your highest potential?

Focus on all of THAT instead of your fear.


#2 Live a life of no regrets

Do you want to die with your music still in you?

Do you want to die regretting all the things you didn’t do, and it’s too late for now?

If so, you can stop reading and step back in your fears and your comfortzone.

If not, COMMIT to living a life of no regrets. And start living accordingly 😉


#3 Connect to your soul, the universe, the divine

When you’re in fear, you’re only aware of the human part of you.

The part of you that experiences fear, panic, worry and stress.

The part of you that thinks it’s a small, disconnected individual in a big and scary universe.


But you’re not.

You’re a spiritual being having a human experience.

You’re a spark of the divine, a part of the whole.

You ARE whole.


You’re part of a living, breathing universe.

You’re always connected to it because you’re PART OF IT.

When you’re scared and feel powerless, you simply temporarily forgot this.

Reconnect to your soul, the universe, the divine.

In whatever way works for you: meditation, being in nature, reading a spiritual book, or prayer.


Don’t let fear stop you.

Don’t avoid it, fight it, deny or resist it.

Transcend it instead.

And GO for these big, beautiful dreams and goals of yours.

You’ve got this!!!






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