Taking leaps, manifesting goals, going for your big dream…it’s not about the HOW. 

It’s the first question everyone always has (“but HOW can I do that?”)

BUT HOW you get there is actually the least important part of manifesting anything.

It starts with mindset and beingness.

In this video, I give you:

  • Insights in the mindset and beingness you need to make big shi(f)t happen;
  • The exact point where reaching ANY goal and especially big goals really begins;
  • The basic number one thing to believe in to accomplish any goal at all (PLUS a tip on how to start believing that, even when you DON’T believe it right now.);
  • AND an unexpected reason why women especially have NO reason to fear ANYTHING. (Seriously! I took kind of a ranty detour there, but the point I make will give you a whole new perspective on anything you think you fear right now.)


If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing and only want to know why I deeply believe women have NOTHING to fear, just scroll to 18.45 minutes in, and watch it from there.


You can watch it below. I’m setting up the live stream in the first minutes, and the actual content starts at 2.15 minutes in.

But feel free to watch those first 2 minutes, too:






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