You probably want the same thing all my clients want.

That I want.

Heck, that EVERYBODY wants:

That growing your business would be easier.

That getting results, making more money, and living the life you dream of would be easier.

Basically, that everything would be easier 🙂


So here are 2 truths for you:


#1 Everything CAN be easier.

#2 And the ONLY reason it’s not, is because you don’t LET it. (Yet.)


Let’s start with truth #1.


I bet you immediately asked yourself ‘HOW’?


Here you go: 8 different tips that make growing your business & getting better results easier:


  • Consciously use your intuition for EVERYTHING in your business;
  • Leverage the power of the universe (tap into the wisdom of your soul & work with the flow and manifesting laws of the universe instead of against them);
  • Ask more (for help, support, and information – from paid mentors & coaches, peers, and friends. AND from the universe, too!)
  • Stop striving for perfection and learn to take imperfect action (good enough is good enough); 
  • Delegate more (to team members; assistants; your partner; your kids even – you don’t have to do it all! Think you can’t afford to hire an assistant yet? Start small, by hiring someone for a couple of hours per month. And check out Fiverr. Lots of things you can outsource without it costing you an arm and a leg); 
  • Stop doing what you don’t HAVE to do or don’t WANT to do;
  • Spend more time working on your mindset and aligning with your goals than you do right now (and start your day with it – every day!);


And bonus tip #9:

Relax. Take plenty of breaks. The more rested, present & relaxed you are, the better for you (and your business! And your results!)

If you start implementing only ONE of these tips from now on, you’ll notice that things WILL get easier very quickly.


And then….


Truth #2 shows up:

You doubt if things can REALLY be this easy. And these doubts get in the way.

YOU get in the way.

And before you know it, thoughts like these make everything harder again:

Shouldn’t you have to struggle to grow your business?

What’s the value of your work if you don’t have to suffer & bleed for it?

Is it really OK to get handsomely paid for doing work you absolutely LOVE?

Is it allowed to create and manifest with ease?

Are you worth it?

And how about ‘easy come, easy go’? That’s true isn’t?




It only becomes true if you believe it to be true.

Everything can be as easy as you ALLOW it to be.


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I remember when I first started learning this myself.

I was in a situation that normally freaked the crap out of me. Most likely something to do with stress and worries about money.

I looked at my situation and felt strangely calm.

I knew it would turn out OK. I knew a solution was already present. I knew I would see it, if I stayed open, present, and calm.


One minute I felt great:

Look at me! This would have freaked me out not that long ago! But now I’m fine!


And the next, feeling great creeped me out:

Wait! This can’t be good. I’m not worried. At all. Even though this situation clearly calls for a state of mild panic. I SHOULD worry. Crap. I bet there’s something I’m not seeing or thinking of.

Should I worry that I’m not worried? Probably.


I emailed my coach to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong.

She told me there was really nothing to worry about. This was simply new territory for me, and I was adjusting to more inner peace, less stress, and less worry.

All was well with me and the world.

That helped.


Now, I share this lesson with my own clients regularly the moment things get easier for them, and THEIR doubts and limiting thoughts get triggered.

Does this mean I never worry again, of never think things are difficult?

Nooo, of course not! I’m still human 😉 I still get scared. I still freak out. I still worry sometimes.


I can snap out of it SOOO much quicker and with SOOOO much more ease.

Thanks to having learned how to make manifesting and getting results easier.

By implementing the exact same tips and ways I gave you in this blog.

And by ALLOWING things to be easy.


The same is possible for you!

Choose ease. Act accordingly. And get out of the way to LET things be easy.

To ease, peace & flow, baby!




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Don’t know how to consciously use its magic in your business every day?

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