This video is a Facebook Livestream training I did on this topic.

In it, I give you tons of tips on the very groundwork of manifesting (and also a little peek on some advanced stuff and how I use that in my business).

You can watch it here:


Here’s some of what you learn in this video:


  • 5 reasons you think you don’t know what you want (you always know what you want, though! These are the reasons you think you don’t know AND how to fix that);
  • Why, even when you think you DO know what you want, you’re still not specific enough – and how to fix that;
  • Why it’s so important to be crystal clear on what you want (and again: chances are, you’re not clear enough right now!);
  • Tips & questions you can implement right now to help make manifesting easier TODAY;
  • An example of how I use magic in my business (you can use this in your business as well).



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