Thinking about HOW you can get what you want or accomplish your goals seems like the rational, logical thing to do.

And sometimes it serves you.

But sometimes it’s the worst thing you can do:

When thinking about HOW you’re going to get something done leads to over thinking, worrying and overwhelm.

That never does you any good.

On the contrary.

It kills your dreams and goals before you even started moving towards them.

It makes you say YES when you want to say NO. (Or vice versa.)

It kills your mojo & momentum, and sometimes totally paralyzes you.

It makes you feel small & trapped, and leaves you feeling uninspired and powerless.


Here’s how to snap out of that:


#1: Shift your focus to your desired end outcome.

What does it look like? How do you want this situation to turn out?

What is it you most deeply want – regardless of how you’re going to get there or if it’s even possible?

Paint the picture of your ideal outcome. Imagine you’ve already accomplished it.

How does it feel? What does it look like?


#2: Make a decision.

You know what you want. Now CLAIM it.

Decide that you will GO for it, despite not knowing how to handle it from beginning to end.

Despite feeling scared or insecure.

Decide you’ll GO for it, no matter what.

You know what you want. Now actively CHOOSE it.


#3 Set your intention.

Write down your desired end outcome as if it already happened.

Write down which result(s) you want, and how you want to feel before, during and after you’re taking the necessary actions.


#4 Ask and let go.

Once you wrote down your intention, ask the universe to help you:

Help me manifest this intention. Show me what to do next. Bring me ideas and inspiration. Let me see what actions I have to take, and when I can best take them. Bring me opportunities and people who can help me.


#5 Receive and act.

When you ask, the universe answers. Always.

So stay open to receive inspired ideas, nudges and insights.

It can come to you in many different ways:

Advice from a friend. A lyric from a song. The sudden urge to call someone or go somewhere.

Follow the guidance and inspiration you receive.

Trust the process.

And above all:

Trust yourself.

When you trust yourself and your intuition, you never have to worry about anything ever again.

You will, of course, being human and all 😉

But the more you train yourself to listen to and act upon your intuition, the easier it gets to manifest what you want.

And the sooner you snap out of the trap of worrying and overwhelm.


© 2016 Brigitte van Tuijl



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