This title might make you frown.


‘Cause the FIRST thing I ALWAYS say when someone asks me what to do or which option to choose, is:

What feels best to you?

And I also tell people to NOT move forward on anything that doesn’t feel good.

So where does this ‘what feels right is NOT always the best thing to do’ come from?


I’ll explain after I share why it’s usually best to follow what feels good & right:


  • When your energy is high and you feel good, your actions will get you the best possible results;
  • Not feeling good about something can be a sign from your soul that you shouldn’t do it at all or right now;
  • When you follow what feels good, you’re directly connected to your purpose & soul and you can’t go wrong;
  • Things that don’t feel right are often things that aren’t aligned with who you truly are, and for that reason NOT the things you should do or go after.


These are perfectly legitimate reasons why you should NOT do something that does NOT feel right.




Then there’s fear.


Fear wants to keep you safe. It doesn’t want you to grow.

It doesn’t want your current situation to change.

Because you know what you have right now, how it feels, and what it looks like.


And what you know, ALWAYS feels safer than what you don’t know.

And us humans?

We want to feel safe.


Something new ALWAYS feels uncomfortable and therefore unsafe first, because you don’t KNOW it yet.

You don’t know if:

  • It’ll be good for you;
  • It’ll work out;
  • You’ll be better off then than you are now.


And so you stay where you are.

You choose feeling comfortable over moving forward.


You choose what feels good for the wrong reason: to stay small and hold back, and to stay where you are.


When this is the case, and your fear is running the show, it’s NOT a good idea to do what feels best.

If you want something new, you have to start being, thinking and acting differently.

That feels uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel good. But it does NOT mean you should not do it.

Sometimes what feels wrong is EXACTLY what you have to do right now.


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So how do you know the difference?

How do you know when you SHOULD do what feels best, and when you should NOT?


Listen. To. Your. Intuition.

Connect to the truth of your soul that’s ALWAYS available to you, even when you’re scared.

I clearly remember the day I realized the next step for me was to start working with groups instead of 1-1 only.

That scared me SO much I literally puked my guts out all day.

It triggered my deep-rooted fear of being unsafe in the world, and the fear that being visible on a larger scare would certainly get me killed.

But I did it anyway.


I’ve done lots of things that almost paralyzed me with fear before I did them.

I’ve done lots of things that did not feel good AT ALL.

Because underneath those fears, I felt that this was the next step on my path.


That it was connected to fulfilling my calling, to unleashing my true self, to shining my light, and showing up in the full power of being all of who I am.

That’s why I did it.

Because I KNEW it was the best thing to do, even if it felt like the worst thing to do.


The same goes for you:

Sometimes the thing that feels wrong is EXACTLY what you should be doing next.


How do YOU know?

The same way I do:

Your soul, your intuition tells you.



So learn to listen to it even more than you already do.

Consciously tune into it.

Let it guide you on your path and show you your next step.

Listen to your intuition. Tune into your soul. Listen. Then act.


What does your intuition tell you right now?


Then act.


xx Brigitte


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