You probably asked yourself this question sometimes – maybe even right now:

When will I ever make it? And will I make it at all?

(‘It’ being the level of success or money in your business you strive for. Or a goal you want to achieve.)

Answer these questions HONESTLY, and you’ll know:


#1 Are you willing to do the necessary inner work?

(Working on your mindset, beliefs, self-image, dealing with fears and doubts, connecting to your goals, purpose, mission, vision, etc.)


#2 If so, are you consistently DOING it?

(Which is: daily. Daily = 5x a week. Or more. But at the VERY LEAST 3x a week)


#3 Are you willing to do the necessary outer work?

(Take concrete actions: make that phone call; send that email; do marketing; make yourself visible; work ON your business in addition to working IN your business; etc.)


#4: If so, are you consistently DOING it?

(Which is: taking AT LEAST ONE action to make yourself visible or share your message or market or sell something DAILY ==> 5x a week. And work on your business at least once a week.)


#5 Are you willing to learn what you need to know and to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore?

(Knowledge, habits, beliefs, thoughts, strategies etc.)


#6 If so, are you consistently DOING this AND implementing whatever action follows from it?


#7 Are you committed to do what it takes, whatever it takes, whenever it takes – whether you’re scared or not / feel like it or not / are tired or not?


#8 If so, are you actually DOING whatever it takes, whenever it takes, regardless of how convenient it feels?


If you’ve answered YES to all of these 8 questions, you WILL make it.

Whatever ‘it’ stands for in your case. The only question is WHEN you’ll make it, not IF.

(Sure, there’s always the exception: that one person who answered yes to all these questions and then still never ever achieves it, not even after 50 years of being all in, day in day out. There’s always the one. But I’m 99,99% sure you’re not that exception. And neither am I.)


If you’ve answered NO to one or more questions, the answer is NO.

Is there an exception here? Is there someone who’s not doing any of the above and who STILL achieves all their goals, and creates all the success and money they want and need without ever having to do anything for it?



I’m not telling you anything new here, of course.

You’re smart. You KNOW this.

The question is:

Are you DOING it?

Think about it.


Is there something you strive for you just can’t seem to achieve or make progress on?

Do you have a goal you really want to manifest, without acting upon it ever (or enough)?


If you truly want what you say you want, make sure the answer to all of these questions is YES.




“You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.”

Richard Bach



Dream. And GO! Once you start taking action in the direction of your dreams, the universe jumps up and starts helping you in ways you could never have imagined.


“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell


To making it YOUR way – whatever ‘it’ is for you!



P.S.: Need help making ‘it’? Need someone to call you on your crap, hold you accountable, help you shift your mindshit, and break through whatever is holding you back & wherever you’re hiding out?

In your way, on your terms, in complete alignment with who you truly are?


If you’re an ambitious female entrepreneur who’s out of the starter phase and ready & committed to growing to the next level of her business, I might be your gal 😉


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