Being intentional and consciously choose how you want to feel is something I talk often about with my clients.


There are SO many reasons for it, I hardly know where to begin.

In short: it makes you happier, feel more powerful, and experience more inner peace. It helps you manifest what you want with more ease and joy.

And it gets you Way Better Results.


Now that I have your attention, let’s dive DEEP into this intentional stuff, OK?

Let’s start with what being intentional even means.

It sounds good, but what IS it? Exactly?

Being intentional means to live with intent, instead of stumbling through life on autopilot feeling like everything happens to you, and all you can do is react to that.

Being intentional is all about BEing aware and awake in the present moment.

About living consciously. And about living a life of purpose and joy.

When you’re intentional, you consciously choose:


  • Who you want to be;


  • How you want to live;


  • What you choose to create and manifest;


  • What you want to see more of in your life;


  • What matters to you most;


  • What your ideal outcome for every situation, action or day is;


  • And how you want to feel about it all.


And when you’re NOT intentional, it can show up like this:


  • You feel rushed, busy and overwhelmed;


  • Your mind is all over the place (and when your mind is all over the place, so are your actions. Your feelings. And your results.)


  • You make decisions on autopilot (And if you do, this usually means your decisions come from lack and/or are more about avoiding feeling uncomfortable instead of manifesting your dreams and goals);


  • You’re frazzled and unfocused;


  • You’re reactive instead of proactive;


  • You feel like things are happening to you and it makes you feel powerless;


  • You’re going through the motions;


  • You don’t feel fully alive.


Energy follows your attention. And what you focus your attention and energy on is what you create.

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So: what do you want to create?

The life and business you truly dream of?

Or ….a so-so business and life?

Yeah. Easy decision, right?

Of COURSE you want to create the business and life you truly dream of!

You CAN create it.

And being intentional about that is a CRUCIAL part of it.

I see it in my clients: when they consciously focus on what they want to create and how they want to feel, magic happens.

And I see it in myself as well.

The more intentional I am, the better I feel. And the better my results.

Be more intentional.

As often as you can.

Set your intention for how you want to feel today, tonight, this week.

Set intentions for every action you take, every meeting you have.

Set intentions for your holidays, your finances and your health.

Set intentions for EVERYTHING you can think of.

Yes, this means you have to actually THINK about your most desired outcome and how you want to feel.

Yes, this takes some time and sometimes effort.

But the alternative is sleepwalking through your life without feeling fully alive or manifesting your desires.

When you look at it like that….setting intentions is worth EVERY second you spend on it.

Be more intentional, starting NOW:

How do you want to feel today?

What’s your most desired outcome for the next action you’re taking?


THINK about it. Feel into it. Write it down.

Then forget about it, and open up to let this, or something better, unfold.

Get out of the way. Don’t be attached to your outcome. Be present in each moment. Play with setting more and more intentions. And notice the difference.





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