It’s Liberation Day in The Netherlands when I write this.

We celebrate freedom and the end of the Second World War.

I think it’s good to remember that this freedom was not always a given.

And for millions of people around the world, it still isn’t.

Living in freedom is something to be thankful for.

And when you’re a woman, you have extra reason to be grateful for living in freedom in the western world.

There are SO many countries where women are still seen as second-rate humans and treated accordingly today.

I know, there’s still a lot to be gained in the western world as well.

But compared to countries like Pakistan or Sudan or Iran or Iraq – and I’ll stop here but could go on for quite a bit longer – women in the western world live in absolute FREEDOM HEAVEN.

So. You’re free. You live in freedom.

And you’re an entrepreneur – which is THE most freedom-based way to make a difference and a living I know of.

How are you using that freedom?

How are you making the most of that?

How free do you allow yourself to be?

I’m asking, because even though freedom is my number one value (which was one of the main reasons I started my own business), I have NOT always allowed myself to be completely free.

And I see TONS of you doing the same thing: you’re NOT making the most of the freedom you have:


  • You don’t speak your mind, for fear of what others may think of you or maybe even dislike you;


  • You don’t say NO to things you don’t want, ‘cause you don’t want to create conflict or cause a scene or displease others;


  • You don’t work with your ideal clients only, ‘cause you feel obligated to be there for everyone and everybody on the planet should be able to afford you and have full access to you – even if this hurts your business and your own well-being;


  • You follow business and marketing rules & shoulds you don’t align with or even believe in, ‘cause you’re scared you’ll never make it if you do it YOUR way (if you even know what YOUR way is to begin with);


  • You don’t fire someone ‘cause you’re afraid to hurt their feelings and find it too hard and uncomfortable to say what needs to be said;


  • You don’t create that program you feel so super-freaking-excited about, ‘cause your partner or your coach or your neighbor who doesn’t even know SHIT about business and is too scared to follow his own dreams and therefore crushes everybody else’s dreams don’t think it’ll work;


  • You don’t write that book don’t share your message don’t say this thing don’t do that thing for fear of not fitting in or standing out or shining bright or having success or being seen or whatever else scares the shit out of you.



You have all this freedom and you’re not. using. it.


I’m not judging you.

I’ve been where you are.

And I’m STILL where you are sometimes.

I STILL have to remind myself sometimes that it’s OK to be me, to do it my way, to give zero fucks about whatever.

I STILL have to give myself permission sometimes to do or say whatever I want to do or say.

I STILL have to remind myself sometimes that it’s OK to be who I am and make money and have success as a result of that. And to allow it to be that easy and that much fun.


I GET where you are. I don’t judge you.


I just want to invite you to explore how free you let yourself be.

To inspire you to start liberating yourself from ALL the crap you don’t want, don’t need, never wanted, never needed, are sick and tired of, would rather not have in your life anymore, and ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and ANYONE and EVERYONE that’s actively holding you back.




You’re a woman entrepreneur in a western country experiencing more freedom than ANY woman in the history of mankind EVER experienced.

USE that freedom.

MAKE the most of it.

It serves not only you, but others and the world as well!!

Because you’re BORN with a calling.

You are BORN to make this world a better place with whatever it is that you do.

So DO it. BE YOU.

Live a life that matters. In freedom and happiness.

Contributing to a better world one day at a time, one article or project or opinion or peace of art or healing session at a time.

You HAVE that power. You HAVE that freedom.

Go use it.

You don’t need my permission or blessing.

But I’m giving it to you, right here, right now, anyway.

Now give yourself permission and your blessing, and allow yourself to be who you are and do what you are born for and to SHINE AS BRIGHT AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN.

You’ve got this, baby!!!




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