Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been struggling with my book.

I wasn’t in a writing flow. At all.

Which for me, is a strange thing.

When I know what I want to say, the words normally pour out.

I tune into my message, my soul, my purpose and my audience, and flow is there.

Normally. But not now.

“Something about the book is not inspiring,” my coach emailed when I asked her how to get back into flow.

She listed several options, and when I read “Is it the structure of the book?” I thought: YES!!!

I was still working with the original structure I created for this book many moons ago.

When I had a different audience. The book had a different title. And I was different in many ways.

And that structure? Is boring.

I knew this was it.

AND I also knew that something else was still going on as well.

This weekend, I suddenly realized what that something was:

The assumptions I subconsciously made.

Here are some of the things I was assuming (and, honestly, I was STUNNED when I realized this was going on in the back of my mind! I thought I’d let go of these thoughts already):


  • Who’s really waiting for this message? Why would people care enough to read my book? (Assumption: not enough people will be interested in this book.)


  • The title sounds good. But what if that’s the only original and good thing about it? (Assumption: it’s not good enough. And I’m not a good enough writer.)


  • My first book was so much work. And I hardly made any money with it. Which was fine, when the book itself was a marketing instrument and helped me get clients. But then I changed my entire business, audience, services and language – so a lot of hard work was basically lost. (Assumptions: writing a book doesn’t pay off in the end. It’s a lot of hard work for almost nothing in return.)



Why bother writing a book when thoughts like these run through your mind?

And how inspired do thoughts like these make me feel about my book?

Not so much.

Then I looked at an area in my business that’s ALWAYS been in flow:

My 1-1 coaching. I never worry about getting new 1-1 clients.  It’s super easy to find them. They usually find me.

If I have room for a new client, all I have to do is mention it somewhere and before you know it she’s there.

And then I looked at the assumptions I make when it comes to my 1-1 coaching:

  • I’m a great coach.
  • There are more people who want to be coached by me, than I’ll ever be able to work with. There’s an abundance of clients available for me.
  • People want what I have to offer.
  • It’s easy to find 1-1 clients.

Do I make these assumptions as a result of always having 1-1 clients?


It’s the other way around:

I always have 1-1 clients AS A RESULT of having these assumptions.

Don’t believe me?

Think about it:

Was I born with a waitlist of people waiting for me to be out of diapers and all grown up so they could finally work with me?

Of course not.

Did I buy someone’s existing business including plenty of 1-1 clients who were ready and willing  to work with me?


Was I the ONLY coach on the planet when I started my business, so people really had no choice but to work with me?


I started from scratch, without a list, without a website, with a TOTALLY different background that had NOTHING to do with coaching, and I knew NOTHING about marketing or sales.

It’s always easy for me to have all the 1-1 clients I want and need because I ASSUME it will be easy.


I think it’s time to consciously choose a new set of assumptions for my book 🙂

I now assume that:

  • Writing a book is easy.
  • I’m a great writer.
  • People want to read what I write.
  • It’s easy to market and sell books.
  • All I have to do to write a book, is sit down and let the words pour out.


How about you?

What’s not working out for you right now?

And what are the underlying assumptions you make?

What’s working very well in your business or life right now?

And what assumptions do you make about that?

Examine it. Write down everything you think, assume, or believe – if only for a teeny tiny bit.

Dump the assumptions that don’t serve you. And replace them with assumptions that DO.

Don’t wait for your situation to magically change before you can change your assumptions.

It doesn’t work like that.

All creation happens from the inside out. Believe it first. See it second. 

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ASSUME you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

ASSUME it is doable and you’re capable.

DECIDE it will be so.

COMMIT to achieving it.

ALLOW yourself to have it.

And take inspired ACTION until you do.

To consciously choosing your thoughts & manifesting what you want!



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