Every business coach has her own vision on what it takes to grow a business.

And I’m always interested to hear what that view is.

So I asked my long-term 1-1 client Sabine van Meenen what her vision on growing your business is.

Sabine is a very successful Belgian business coach who helps her clients grow to the next level of their business and increase their income without working more hours.

They’re already successful and want to grow, but they don’t want to work harder.

Sabine believes this isn’t necessary as long as you work smart, strategic, and make sure your energy is high.

Right now she’s working on her book ‘Hogere Energie + Sterke Strategie = Magie in je bedrijf.” (Which roughly translates to: higher energy + strong strategy = magic in your business.)

Sabine believes you need to focus on these 3 things to grow your business:

  1. A strong foundation: a great product or program your audience wants and needs, combined with passion for your work.
  1. To position yourself as a leader, and
  1. Marketing and sales. There’s no escaping that 😉 Many entrepreneurs don’t like this part of doing business, but you simply have to do it. You can’t grow your business without it.


What sets Sabine apart from other business coaches, is that she has a keen eye for both the strategic and energetic aspects of a business. The energetic aspects are all about making sure you’re not losing any time, money or energy anywhere in your business.

Her clients sometimes refer to it as holistic entrepreneurship. And it works. Sabine’s clients get great results.

If you want to get better results, too, make sure your business is energetically and strategically healthy.

And if you speak Dutch and want to know more it about it, you can sign up for Sabine’s free e-book ‘De 5 fouten waardoor je klein blijft’ here.




P.S.: How about you? Do you have a clear vision on the work you do, and what it takes for your clients to be successful? And do you know what sets you apart?

Don’t worry if you don’t: my program Unleash Your Uniqueness helps you with that. ALSO when you’re not a coach


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