Two weeks ago, I decided to write a blog OR create a video every weekday.



Because I love writing, and it helps me become a better writer.

Because I read, reflect & learn so much that my head explodes if I don’t find a way to let it out again.

Because it helps me learn & grow.

And because it also benefits my business: writing is my main and most loved marketing strategy.


Someone asked me if it’s difficult to find a new topic to write about every day.

No. It’s not.


IF you:


  • Speak your truth without holding back (censoring yourself and not sharing your opinions takes more energy than letting it out);


  • Don’t worry about what people will think, if they will like it or not, and if they will like you or not;


  • Are willing to make mistakes (you can always correct them later);


  • Write from your heart & share what’s on your mind;


  • Show up as you are, not as you think you should be.


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I’m not saying you should write a new blog every day, too.


But I DO suggest you take those bullet-points to heart.

Because it makes creating any type of content (or program) A LOT easier.

And more fun.

And it makes it A LOT easier to attract your ideal clients.


What would YOU create if you didn’t care about what others thought of it (or you)?


What would you say or share if you didn’t hold back and finally said what you truly think and believe in?


What difference could that make for you?

And for your business?

Aaaaahhhhhhh……imagine that…..

To letting it all hang out, baby 😉


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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