Getting or achieving what you want is not so much about what you DO.

It’s about who you need to be and what you have to believe FIRST.

And to take action from the mindset and beingness that will get you there.

The best way I know of to align your mindset & beingness with what you want to accomplish, is journaling.

Yes, you have to make and take the time for it.

Yes, it can feel uncomfortable. Doubts and fears can get triggered.

But these are already there.

Lurking beneath the surface, influencing what you think you’re capable and worthy of.

Influencing your actions and decisions.

And determining the outcome of the actions you take – if your fears or doubts haven’t paralyzed you into taking consistent actions already.


Do you really want what you say you want?

Then sit down. Grab your pen and a notebook.

And journal* your way to it by answering these questions:


#1: What is it you really, really, REALLY want?


#2: Why?


#3: How does it make you feel?


#4: Who do you need to be to do or have this?


#5: What do you need to believe to do or have this?


#6: Make a list of at least 5 reasons you CAN do or have this.


#7: What daily action(s) or habit(s) helps you accomplish this goal?



*And yes, OF COURSE you have to take action, too!


But when you do this inner work first, your actions will be more focused and intentional.

Your actions won’t cause many inner frictions (if any at all). And your results will be better.

Sit down and answer these questions for every goal you have.

You don’t have to do that all at once, of course.

Start with your number one, most exciting and important goal.

And then, take ONE action that will bring you closer to achieving it.

Happy manifesting!



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