There’s ONE thing I’ve never managed to do in all the 13 years I’ve been in business:

Make a business plan and stick to it.

Here’s how I’ve always done it:

I either didn’t have a plan at all.


I made a plan – and didn’t stick to it.

Not even for 5 minutes.


And I managed to do quite well without a plan, thank you very much.



Until today, I always felt like I really should have a plan.

That I needed to map out my year.

Because you must.

Because you can’t grow your business – let alone an empire – if you don’t have a business plan.

Because (almost) every coach I ever had always urged me to make a business plan.


Because they all told me you sell yourself and your business short if you don’t have one.

Because everyone I know who’s successful in business makes plans, and says you really need them.


If only a simple plan:

If you don’t manage to make a super detailed plan with launch dates and marketing strategies and week-to-week goals and actions for the upcoming year, then AT LEAST create a rough outline for the year, and fill in the details per quarter. Or per month.


So I tried that.

Because it sounded true and like something a ‘real’ entrepreneur would do.

And still…..I didn’t stick to it or even worked with it.


In all my 13 years in business I have NEVER made a plan and followed it.


In all my 13 years in business I have ALWAYS been at my best when I:

Had a clear and exciting goal.

Worked on that goal every day until I manifested it.

And set the next exciting goal that felt great to me.


So what’s the problem, you may wonder?


Somehow all these years of having people tell me that I NEED to have a plan, because I’m selling myself and my business short if I don’t have one, has brainwashed me.

It got under my skin.


A part of me started to believe that I miss out on something if I don’t have a plan.

And if I didn’t reach a goal or was disappointed in my results, there was always this voice in the back of my mind telling me it was because I didn’t have a plan.

Or because I didn’t follow the plan I had.


Somehow I started to believe that really BIG success can only come to those who have business plans.

And since I don’t have one….I’m automatically excluded from really big success.

I started to believe I’m doing something wrong because I can’t even manage to do something as basic as create a business plan. And then stick to it.

How stupid is that?

How hard could that POSSIBLY be?!


Yet for me? It’s impossible.

I can’t make business plans for a year.

I can’t make them for 6 months.

I can’t make them for a quarter.

And I can’t even make them for a month.


NOT because I’m a dumb ass and there’s something wrong with me.

NOT because this is one of the ways I sabotage myself.

NOT because in the end, I lack some qualities to be a really good and successful entrepreneur.

NOT because I don’t allow myself to be successful and have it all.

NOT because I have to change my mindset around this, and finally get it into my mind that a plan will help me manifest with more ease, and will bring me more freedom.

And NOT because I lack discipline.

ALL of the above I started to believe, if only a little bit, about myself as a result of not being able to make a plan or stick to the miserable excuse of a plan I did manage to put together.


(In addition to still believing, if only a little bit, that any entrepreneur with even the tiniest shred of ambition NEEDS a plan, or she is DOOMED and DESTINED FOR FAILURE.)



Here’s why plans don’t work for me:

I don’t believe in them.

I don’t like them.

They suffocate my creativity and flow.

They don’t increase my freedom – they suppress it.

They don’t pull me forward.

They don’t inspire me.

They suffocate me.

They don’t excite me.

I don’t enjoy them.

They don’t serve me.

They never have.

They never will.


And I always created my BEST results WITHOUT a plan.

My best results were always the result of a compelling and exciting goal & mission that pulled me forward and inspired me to do the work I needed to do to manifest that goal.

I’m most productive without a plan.


I’m most creative without a plan.

I’m most happy without a plan.


Today, I choose to finally accept this fully as my truth.


I let go of ANY thought of having to make a business plan. For ever.

Today, I give myself FULL permission to make it all up as I go along.

To set exciting goals and let those pull me forward on a daily basis.

Exactly how I’ve ALWAYS created ANY success I’ve ever had before.


I let go of thinking I need a plan because I’ll do better if I have one.

I let go of believing I’m missing something and I deny myself more success because I don’t have a plan.

And I choose to believe that I’ll do infinitely better without one.

No more business plans.

No more thinking there is something wrong with me if I don’t have one.


No more thinking I can’t outgrow my current level without a plan.

No. More.

I give myself FULL permission to do EVERYTHING my way, so much more than I already do.

I give myself full permission to make everything up along the way, and enjoy the hell out of that.


Because that? Is who I am. Is how I choose to live. Is how I choose to work.

Letting go of EVERYTHING that does not serve ME.

Even if it serves millions of others.

If it doesn’t work for me, I’m not doing it.

To freedom, baby!

And to creating success as a result of being YOU full out.


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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